Horizon Zero Dawn Street Date Has Been Broken Two Weeks Prior To Release

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A user on NeoGaf  has posted a picture of a sealed copy of Horizon Zero Dawn which means that the street date has already been broken, a whole 2 weeks prior to release. Here’s a picture of the case.


As the street date has been officially broken, be careful with spoilers as they will be out there very soon.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. It really sucks to hear but it’s good to know it’s out in the wild to try avoid those spoilers

    • Does it really suck to hear? Is it really that difficult to avoid spoilers? smh.

      • Yes it does because it’s a game I’m really looking forward to. I’ve had plenty of games spoiled cos idiots talk about them all over the internet in comments or even Twitch. That includes in a post that has nothing to do with the game. So how can you avoid something then when you don’t expect someone to blab about it? The only way to completely avoid it is by just not using the internet at all

        • Or to not click on any articles especially ones about people getting the game early! WHOOPS!!

          • Right…. because this one article itself is filled with spoilers when in fact the purpose of it is just informing people it’s been released early…. And who says I’m reading the comments? I don’t even need to open the article to see your reply, never mind read others. So much of a genius you are.

          • Oh right, so you didn’t click on the article, didn’t read it, didn’t read any comments but replied to some of them?
            You’re a f***ing genius!!! HaHaHa
            I’m actually tempted to tell you what I’ve played so far! HahaHa

        • Jesus Christ, the exaggeration. I don’t know what to tell you man, it’s not that serious.

    • You’re reading articles about people getting the game early and you don’t want any spoilers? Genuis!!

  2. I’ve got mine

    • Where at bro? I would like to get one too.

      • I can’t say, they wouldn’t sell them to strangers anyway

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