Rocket League And Homefront The Revolution Are Getting PS4 Pro Patches; What Will Be Changed

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Rocket League and Homefront The Revolution are the next games that will receive PS4 Pro patches with Rocket League’s PS4 Pro patch coming on February 21st and Homefront’s will come this spring with no specific date as of now.

Rocket League’s press release revealed that the patch will allow 4K gameplay along with 60FPS in all arenas.

On February 21, we will release a new update that allows Rocket League to run at both 1080p (on a standard PS4) and 4K (on PS4 Pro) at 60 frames per second in all arenas for single and two-player split-screen modes. Three and four-player split-screen modes will offer 60 frames per second in most arenas at the same resolutions.

For Homefront The Revolution there will be HDR along with a resolution boost. Press release as follows

Also included, anyone with a PS4 Pro will have the dial turned up a little to see a boost to resolution and performance. There are also some HDR enhancements thrown in there too!

Let us know what you think of the PS4 Pro patches for both games in the comments section below.

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