Horizon Zero Dawn Will Have A Huge Day One Patch; Difficulty Modes Revealed – UPDATED

Update: The information about the size of the patch was incorrect, and will not be that size. Guerrilla Games have confirmed it will actually have a day one patch of 250MB.

As we reported earlier, Horizon Zero Dawn’s street date has been broken and a user on NeoGaf has reveled the first details like the huge day one patch size and the difficulties.

horizongaf1 horizongaf2

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  1. A link to the source would be nice, not just your own screen cap that you added to your own website then.

  2. lol it’s 16g at the installation not a patch, stupid

  3. If it plays, day one that’s fine. I do miss just sticking the disk in and playing.

    • Exactly. It’s great if the games work day one – but not the same if there’s extra hurdles between me and the game experience, especially with DLC. Makes me nostalgic, I miss those days. But I hope the game is good, been wanting it ever since the leaks back then. Hope it’s a success so we get more variety from Guerrilla, not that I didn’t like Killzone. But yeah, it sucks that that changed with time. Glad I’m not only one who still feels that way.

  4. Absolute poppycock!(I own the game)

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