Ultra Street Fighter II’s First Person Mode Shown For The First Time; Looks Very Unresponsive

During a Capcom stream,¬†Ultra Street Fighter II’s first person mode was shown for the first time, and it looks very questionable in quality. There seems to be many issues with the motion controls as you can see in the video below.

Problems we noticed included motion controls being misread, with one example being the player did the motion for a hadouken which was read as an uppercut. There also seemed to be a quite a bit of delay from the motion being made to actually being done on the screen.

Check it out for yourself in the video below. Starts at 2 hours: 56 minutes.

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  1. Motion controls is a different monster. I think the gaming media is to full of regular people and journalists to provide an atmosphere that properly educates and excites consumers. Motion controls are about rhythm, timing and coordination. For example motion controls dont mis read anymore than a controller misreads. The motion controls are looking for a specific set of actions in a specific window to create a specific results. If you dont provide it in that time frame or the action it is looking for the way it is looking for it then you will get a different result than the one you expect.

    The delay people talk about is based off of rhythm. All games have delay if you actually counted the milliseconds between button pushes and action on screen. Its just that we have come use to it and designers have found ways to mask the “delay”. Thats why rhythm is important. Its like tempo…. the music/motions are all the same you just have to adjust to the incremental speed in which the game is reading the motions. Its not about how fast you do the move but the sequence.

    The lack of a group that truly understands and can educate and give real feedback to the development community has hindered motion gaming…. which has hindered everything from the Wii, PsMove, Kinect, PsVR, and Oculus Rift, and probably the Nintendo Switch too.

  2. After watching that CapcomTv video, that explains a lot about what’s wrong with Capcom.

  3. Looks fine to me. Either way, I’m getting USF2.

  4. Hey give Hello Games a chance to fix the Ha dou ken mode ok.

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