Why PlayStation Now Is One Of The Biggest Failures Of The Current Generation

Earlier today PlayStation announced that their service, PlayStation Now, will be receiving an “update”. However, this update won’t be making any improvements to the service. The Senior Marketing Manager for PlayStation Now has revealed that a lot of devices will be discontinued on the service. As of August 15th 2017 the listed devices will be discontinued from the service:

  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV
  • All 2013, 2014, 2015 Sony Bravia TV models
  • All Sony Blu-ray player models
  • All Samsung TV models

Also, all 2016 Sony Bravia TV models will be discontinued from the service on April 1st 2017. With so many devices being discontinued from the service this year, it can only be a bad sign. A bad sign that the service just isn’t producing enough money for Sony anymore, more so enough money to keep the service running on those devices anymore. Although they are focusing their support on PS4 and PC instead. However, PlayStation Now also came with multiple issues. Streaming old games over the PlayStation Now service came with a lot of issues. These issues caused the games to not run great which made the experience not very gamer friendly, but this could change if Sony decided to focus more on the service on PS4 and PC which could change the service for the better on those two platforms.

Sony has PlayStation Now to allow gamers to play old games on their current gen consoles, Microsoft has a dedicated backwards compatibility program. Since Microsoft is dedicated to their backwards compatibility program on Xbox One, it is much better service overall. One of the main reasons why the backwards compatibility program is much better than PlayStation Now is that it runs the games much better due to not needing a constant internet connection as well as the games not being streamed on the Xbox One. Like I said earlier, when streaming old games on PlayStation Now they caused many issues, with Microsoft’s backwards compatibility program, they make sure all games run as close to the original or sometimes even better than the original before making them available to the public.

Even if there is an issue with one of the games, Microsoft is fast on it and makes sure they release an update/patch for it, fixing the performance issues, a lot like they did recently after the released GTA IV. Another reason as to why Microsoft’s backwards compatibility program is better than PlayStation Now is that it is incredibly cheaper. PlayStation Now requires you to pay a subscription fee (either monthly or yearly) while backwards compatibility allows you to use your old games that you already paid for. Even if you have to re-buy the game you want, the games are generally old so it makes them incredibly cheap. For that reason it makes the backwards compatibility program a lot more affordable than PlayStation Now.

Although PlayStation Now was undoubtedly a great idea, it has a lot of flaws. Especially when you compare it to other services which offers similar services to PlayStation Now. It also had something “exclusive” about it. Being able to play PS3 games and many other games wherever you may be in the house from your PS Vita was something that could be something that was exclusive to Sony.

PlayStation Now had its ups and downs, but it is was obviously causing Sony a lot of problems for them to discontinue the service on so many devices. However, Sony must know what they are doing and the idea must have been well thought through since their actions may cause them to lose a lot of money. Hopefully the discontinuations of the service will allow it to improve as they said it would.

Let us know in the comments down below what you think about this decision from Sony, and how much it will affect you.

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  1. Is it though? sure it’s sad to see it leave those devices (especially Vita, it was a really cool feature) but It might’ve been because people use PS Now on PS4 more.

    • And the experience on the Vita wasn’t that good. The wireless is just too damn slow to make it work well. It’s almost unplayable. At least on the PS4 you can play the games with little to no lag in controls.

      • but why would someone pay 15eur/month to play PS4 games which can be bought way much cheaper on sale and not being tied to subcription?

        • The same reason people pay for Game Pass. You get access to so many games that price ends up being worth it. Also funny how so many people claim PS Now was a failure yet now every game company is starting to talk about Streaming as the future. Sony simply knew ahead of time this is where things were heading.

          • game pass is if I remember correctly 10eur/10$ so 50% cheaper.

            True now MS, EA, UBI are talking about it true… but do you remeber how many news in 2016 were around VR and the next big thing, 1 billion $ market said multiple analytics – compare this to reality of VR in 2018. It is a nice thing, but did not get momentum it is a niche not mainsteam.
            Also XGame Pass or even cheaper EA/Origin Access allow to download games which means you can play them for example on XOX in higher resolutions while PS Now – 720p Good luck with this quality having PS4 Pro connected to 4K TV.

            Companies are looking at streaming as a new big thing because it can maximize their income and remove second hand market but this will take in my opinion way more than a decade.

            Except for GeForce now (still in beta on PC) most other Streaming services are 720p – which means there is no improvemnet in resolution since 2011 when I started using OnLive and I used it for 1.5 years. I used it because there was couple of years when I was not playing it woke up gamer in me again but guess what the next step for me was to buy console + PC.

          • Yes Game Pass is cheaper and does have the benefit of having downloads. However, we’ve already heard that PS Now will start allowing downloads later this year for the PS4 games and perhaps those PS2 classics as well. I think having both of those options plus the fact that there is 650+ games on PS Now compared to 100 something on Game Pass warrants the slightly higher price tag.

            Yes Game Streaming isn’t going to replace the way we traditionally play games as too much of the world doesn’t have access to the speeds needed to run it. However my point is everyone laughed when Sony did it and now I hear cheering when Microsoft and EA want to talk about doing it. Nothing but hypocrites.

          • I’m not cheering the plans of EA or MS.

            I get why they want to push streaming.

            But if it comes to Sony, they cut down a lot – removed TV support, BD support, Vita support. The download will be for PS4 users only, not PC on which PS Now is available.

            How I imagine streaming being a mainstream – as simple as TV + controller, easy to use flexible pricing plans (tiers of games in lib, posibility to rent a single game for X days) and way much higher quality than it is offered now.

            I will repeat myself 7 years and this has not happened yet. And I do not see it happening any time soon.

  2. No its not, PS4 is the way PLAYSTATION NOW is beien pushed. Time too buy a PS4:)

  3. Wish they just built it in backwards compatibility, heck even a ps4pro2?? Would that be feasible

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