Why Zelda: Breath of the Wild Season Pass is Worth It; The Hate Is Unwarranted

This past week, Nintendo announced that The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is going to be getting a season pass or expansion pack when it comes out next month which will be a first for the main-line Zelda games.

The season pass is going to be $19.99 and will be available for both the Wii U and Switch versions of the game. The season pass is going to be released in 2 different parts this year which neither one can be sold separately. The first DLC is going to be released in the summer which will include a hard core mode, a Cave of Trials challenge, and a new feature for the in game map. The second DLC which will be released during the holiday season will include a new dungeon, a new story, and additional challenges. The season pass will also include a shirt with the Switch logo for Link to wear.

Considering this is the first season pass ever for the main line Zelda games, Nintendo might be finally catching up with the Zelda games when it comes to DLCs/expansion packs/season passes. From what is already said about what is being released in the season pass, it looks like it would be worth it to buy the season pass for $20 even if part of it might be really good. For each person, the DLC might give something that they are looking forward too while someone else might like something different about it. Either way, the price doesn’t sound bad for the pass when most season passes run from $25 and up.

Now there might be those who are saying, oh they should just split it up and let us buy them individually. That might be an idea but then again, Nintendo might sit there and have it to where if we do get the chance to buy them individually, there’s the chance that if just buying two of the items from the list, it might costs more than the season pass.

Then there might be those who might be cautious at first before buying the season pass just to see how it will turn out. That’s understandable. Hopefully as time goes on and we are able to see what the content is going to be, people can take advantage of the cheap season pass. Nintendo might up the price once they see how well the game and the season pass are selling. If they do decide to go up on the price, I just hope they do how Bethesda did with Fallout 4 season pass and give people a chance to buy it at the original price before they up the price of the season pass.

Honestly, I think that it is a good idea for Nintendo to have the Breath of the Wild season pass for $20. Since they never did a season pass for the series, its almost like they are testing out the waters to see how well it does. Also with the Switch being released the same day, I think another good reason why they have it so cheap is because the new console is coming out and they are hoping that they will make most of their money back from the Switch which I am pretty sure they are going to make their money off of the Switch. Plus $20 for everything that Nintendo has mentioned so far sounds like a pretty good deal even if we can’t buy them individually. Even if we could, I would stick with the season pass just to save some money. I am pretty sure Nintendo is going to do well with the Breath of the Wild game and the season pass so good luck to Nintendo as time counts down to the release of a new game, a season pass, and a new gaming console.

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  1. I like DLC for BOTW. Think its cool. But I appreciate the idea of buying it when its ready for download.
    Nintendo doesn’t need that kind of extra cash now. And just forcing their consumers to pay up early. How’d you like to pay your next vehicle registration a year in advance?
    It seems an unhealthy business prac for Nintendo as well. They’re obliging themselves into more work. They’re now forced to make this DLC one way or another, even if they have to rush it.
    Why not just build it at their lesiure, and sell it when its ready and solid?

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