Horizon Zero Dawn Difficulty Level Impressions Revealed; “It’s Like A Dark Souls Game”

Early Horizon Zero Dawn players have been discussing the difficulty levels of the game on NeoGAF, and revealed interesting information about it. Each early player that has given impressions has mentioned that the game is punishing, and even on normal mode it can be tough. One user even compared the unforgiving difficulty to another series that is famous for being punishing which is the Dark Souls series.

Check out the difficulty impression posts below.

horizondifficulty3 horizondifficulty2 horizondifficulty1

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  1. I refuse to believe a game that has different difficulty settings will be challenging on the normal difficulty setting. I’m the hardcore gamer here, I’ll judge it myself once i get it

  2. LOL at idiots who suck at a game, and keep dying, so they compare it to Dark Souls.

    • simple low end robot can 2shot you,no,it is not dark souls 😀 do you know more then players who played already? or you just an idiot?

  3. Game probably has nothing like dark souls difficulty…anyways, we will know in a week and some.

  4. gaf has changed a lot. Many get banned and most of the ones that remain are those that toe to certain political line, so I wouldn’t trust them that much when it comes to the difficulty of a game. Unless you’re the kind that trust Polygon and the pitiful kind of gameplay that they usually upload on their youtube channel.

    • I don’t think its because of bannings that neoGAF changed. Its mostly because of popularity. neoGAF used to be a very informed community. But it became so popular that all kinds of gamers began joining the forum. People learned that neoGAF was more active than whatever their personal choice of a discussion site was related to Nintendo, XBox or Playstation. So now instead of it being a very informed community, its more just a forum that gamers of all avenues can enjoy and discuss. What I’m saying isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Its just one way that it has changed over time.

  5. Everyone knows you Sony fanboys would be the first ones to defend a goddamn game you never played

    • umm… these posts are by people who have the game early….. loool

  6. This is embarrassing. The only people claiming “its like a Dark Souls Game” are complete fanboys who will say anything to pump up the game to attract it to as many people as possible. Its delusional. Horizon looks like a great game. I’m not the biggest fan of the machine animal aspect, but I do like how its quest system seems to be designed. You know a new game that is belongs to the the Dark Souls style of genre? Nioh. Sorry, Horizon on hardest difficulty doesn’t make it like Dark Souls.

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