Horizon Zero Dawn Early Players Reveal Their Issues With The Game So Far

Note: There’s no spoilers in this article.

Horizon Zero Dawn has been highly praised by early players, and it sounds like it’s going to be a great release for the PS4. There have been some issues that have now been revealed by the early players, some of them are just preference related while others are actual technical issues.

Before reading the impressions please remember that the good is outweighing the bad by so much, so there’s no need to decrease your hype for the game or think that these issues make it a bad game.

One early player revealed whilst discussing the dialogue options that  “the facial animation looks super odd.” The early player also revealed that “the game drastically needs a lock-on feature” and that “the running speed should be increased along with dodging because that can become annoying during combat.” In the post, the player also revealed that the “story seems meh” so far.

Another user on NeoGAF pointed out some minor issues that he felt were either “odd or off” included “water reacting and clipping through snow bushes or your set wire trap” and also stated if you’re not a fan of crafting it would be a huge negative for you.

It’s great to hear that there isn’t too many issues, and it’s also good to see that the negatives are being pointed out too because while it’s great finding out that the game is awesome, it’s also good to know what issues these early players are having too.

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  1. I’m glad that there are not too many issues with the game maybe a Update could fix them,Thank you for this article 🙂

  2. I just hope the story is good, because if it isn’t no good then what’s the of playing this game I’m tired of people thinking pretty graphics and a open world is enough these days, a open world used to be a selling point for games no it just seems like something they tact on every game cover ..

    • Tons of great open world games have had terrible stories, the fun is in the exploring

      • That’s still no excuse for a bad story. Exploring is fun and all but the story is and should be where the meat and potatoes of any game is at regardless.

        • But that isn’t how games are though

  3. Definitely keen on getting this, but at over $100 in NZ I’ll have to wait until it is on special.

    • New Zeland I presume? Your 1$=5,03KN in my country Croatia. So your 100$ in Croatia that is 503KN. Our minimal wages PER MONTH are 2600KN(516$ in NZ), and our average wage per MONTH is 5700KN(1133$ in NZ). For NCEA Level 1 average wage in New Zeland is PER WEEK 893$(4491KN in Croatia), so your wage PER MONTH in NZ is 3572$(17967KN in Croatia).That is, 3,2 time your wages are higher. And you still complaning about price of the game. The price of the game in preorder in CRO are 499KN (99,20$ in NZ) or 66€. Sory fo bad spelling. http://www.sancta-domenica.hr/horizon-zero-dawn-ps4-preorder.aspx

      • Yup. Cause we pay a million dollars plus for a house in our main city.

        Anyway, I can’t afford it.

        I’m semi-retired. I play games and record them as I go. I enjoy it. Some people enjoy watching me play. Most don’t, I wish more did, but I suck.

        I buy 4 games a year. But I wait until games are on special.

        $119 NZ is too much.

        • Yup, 119$ is to much…and I hope to visit New Zeland too…I have freinds there…they moved on New Zeland, 1 year ago for work…

      • Oh, and I hope to visit Croatia one day. Interesting place.

  4. There’s a rumour that this isn’t the only game that’s being released

  5. Really hope Guerilla Games fixes some of the issues.

    And as for the story? Is no surprise. The only latest RPG that has an actual great story is Witcher 3.

    • The story in The Witcher 3 is actually pretty bad and incredibly common. The good thing about the game is the writing, the dialogues are definitely above the videogame industry average.

    • witcher 3 story was ass

  6. F**k em all they will never be satisfied those players let just give Sony credit for trying so hard to keep the console market alive

    • You can’t just brush criticisms under the rug because you disagree with them or it’s a new IP. That only makes things worse, not better.

      • I am ok with criticism but the players dislike everything they need to know that there is nothing perfect

  7. the guy who has problems with facial animation, f*ck him
    the lock-on and running speed guys, get rekt noobs
    the story is meh guy, tell me you’re wrong m8

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