Incredible New Horizon Zero Dawn Screenshots Revealed

New Horizon Zero Dawn screenshots have been revealed, and they look incredible. These new images are backing up the claims made by many early players who have called it one of the best looking games of the current gen.

Check them out below, and tell us what you think of them in the comments section below.

horizonimage6 horizonimage5 horizonimage4 horizonimage3 horizonimage2 horizonimage1

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  1. Wow!Those Screenshots are beautiful it really is the best Looking Game this Gen

  2. wow, question is, are they from pro and if not, what will pro shots look like, even better or?…

  3. So while real gamers get great games like Yakuza Zero, Nioh, Nier: Automata and Horizon: Zero Dawn the disgusting, smelly, non-gaming peasants get 3 months of nothing on the Xbox DONE pauper console? How sad, what a sad pathetic existence they have.

    Microsoft release nothing but empty promises, overhype and underdeliver for their desperate, ignorant, deluded fanbase to feed themselves on and that’s exactly why their trash console is getting outsold so badly all over the world and is a completely pathetic, worthless, last-gen, POS FAILURE of a console in the sales charts.

    There must be a reason why Microsoft fantards aren’t buying the console they claim to love so much…maybe because they know it’s a worthless POS with no games? Yup…that must be it!

    Graphics in this game were such a plus <3

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