Phil Spencer Says He Loves “The Challenge” Of Shipping Non Traditional Xbox One Games In 2017

During a live stream to promote Halo Wars 2, Phil Spencer was interviewed briefly and discussed the console exclusive lineup for 2017. He reconfirmed that Microsoft will NOT be shipping Halo 6 this year, and in my personal opinion it’s is looking more likely that it will be revealed as a 2018 title at E3. Spencer also confirmed there would be no Gears Of War title this year.

He continued by saying “It’s an interesting year for us, because we are going through the year with releases that aren’t our traditional mega franchises.” This was followed by Phil praising the titles for 2017 like Sea Of Thieves, Crackdown 3 and State Of Decay 2 by saying “I think they are going to do really well, I think people are going to get really excited about the creativity and gameplay.”

Phil ended the discussion about the console exclusives for Xbox One in 2017 by saying, “I love the challenge of going into the year with games that are not the traditional games that we ship.” Some may question Phil’s wording because it’s all but confirmed that Forza Motorsport 7 will release in 2017, and I’d say that’s a traditional Xbox franchise.

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  1. I give them credit for being optimistic about their 2017 lineup, especially with their Scorpio releasing during the holidays.

  2. I am excited about Crackdown 3. Gaming needs new innovation. Can’t wait for it.

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