Images Of Inside The Nintendo Switch Leaked; Reveals Some Of The Hardware Used

Want a look at what’s inside that fancy new Nintendo Switch console you’re about to buy? Well we now have them as images of the inside of the Switch have been leaked online revealing some of the hardware powering the new Nintendo console. Some of the pictures confirm that Nintendo is using a custom version of the Nvidia Tegra chip as you can see the in one picture below shows the X1 ending in A1 revision but also another one ending in A2.













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  1. I think it looks exactly like the leak and it looks weak.

    • “Weak”? Will it play awesome games? If the answer is yes who the hell cares if the specs aren’t the highest ever..Stop chasing specs and play some freaking games!

      • 3rd party developers care. They usually don’t want to release a game that they need to lower down on everything just to make it work on a console. I know what you mean though and I can relate to it because I’d rather play a game then look into specs BUT also I know there are people out there that only have money for one console and want to play a variety of games and that is what the Wii U wasn’t able to do because it was not powerful enough to run games like Destiny or Witcher 3, …

        • But all 3rd party devs that have dev kits all praise the Switch, so thanks for your point.

      • Well then just power up an orginal NES and never buy another console because thats the logic you jut presented. I go and buy what has the most value for my dollar and the weak hardware and lack of online support and features doesnt make Switch that place. 300$ what a joke I can get an XboneS for that and have a 4k blu ray player which as I have a 4k tv and a data cap now, thanks comcast, Ill need. What I dont need is a gimped frankinstien that does neither thing its trying to well. I dont ride trainsx buses or take taxi’s Im an American Adult that if Im not at home doesnt have time to game. Here is a hint Nintendo fanboy people with families and jobs dont generally have time to game away from home. When I do game I dont want a compromised experince because Nintendo was trying to push casual nongamers to game.

    • Underpowered as a home console.


      • I would say moderately powered home console.

      • Ok and that is great because?????? 3hr battery life isnt going to make it very portible and as an adult which main demographic for gaming, the fact its portible isnt very appealing.

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