Xbox Exec Meeting With 3rd Party Publishers In Japan; Knows People Want More JRPG’s On Xbox One

Phil Spencer responded to fans today on Twitter, and had some very interesting answers for the questions he was asked. As he answered so many questions with interesting responses, we’re going to post a few of them in this article.

The first tweet which caught our attention was when he was asked if there’s any chance that the Xbox One would get more JRPG’s in the future. Phil responded saying “I’ll be in Japan next week talking to 3rd party publishers.” following with “It was great getting Final Fantasy XV, I know people want me to deliver more.” As you can imagine, Xbox One owners are responding very positive to the news, and are hoping something will come out of the meetings that Phil Spencer will have next week.

Phil was also asked whether or not there was any interest from the Xbox team about making a new Crimson Skies game. He responded saying “We aren’t doing anything with it right now” but complimented the setting as “very cool” and thinks there’s the team “could do more with it”

Now for some interesting backwards compatibility news, Phil Spencer discussed some of the issues the BC team have had with licensing and what type of games are having these issues. He confirmed that “sports, music, and some racing games” are the causing the biggest issues so far in terms of becoming backwards compatible. Could this mean that very popular requested games like NCCA Football 14 and Fight Night Champion might not be possible? It would be up to the publisher to consider if it would be worth going through the licensing issues to make them backwards compatible.

The backwards compatibility news doesn’t stop there, and there’s mostly good and some bad news for fans of the service. The good news is that Civilization Revolution fans should get excited because Phil Spencer confirmed that there’s a “pretty good” chance that it’s coming to backwards compatibility. Civilization Revolution is another game with a very large fanbase that have been requesting it for a long time now. Black Ops II fans however, there’s bad news for you, as the game won’t be coming to BC next week, and the team aren’t sure of any solid date on when it’s coming. The good news is that Phil has confirmed that there’s a “good list” of games coming to the service next week.

Phil briefly commented on Halo Wars 2 also, this was in reply to a fan tweeting that they had bought the game. Phil said “It’s fun to bring back a favorite and something that’s different from any other game in our portfolio.” which is the narrative that Phil has been pulling this year after complaints about there not being enough unique games on the Xbox One.

Finally Phil ended his tweeting Q&A’s for the day with more views and news on Project Scorpio. A fan asked Phil “How do you see the Scorpio lineup? Do you think “old” games will do the trick or are you preparing more than we already know to release with it?” with Phil responding by saying “Our games, old and new, have to show why someone would choose Scorpio.” and followed with “I feel really good about our progress on that.” Phil also confirmed that Xbox 360 games will not see 4K visual upgrades on Scorpio as “most don’t have 4K assets” but ended on a brighter note saying “Nice thing about our recent games is we have 4K assets from PC versions.” which could confirm which games will see 4K improvements.

Let us know what you think about Phil’s comments (there’s a LOT to discuss!) in the comments section below.

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  1. if i wanted crappy jrpgs i would have bought a delay station long ago.jrpgs dont and will never do well on xbox.i did not buy xbox for jrpgs.

    • Good thing the entire world doesn’t revolve around what you want.

      • it doesnt revolve japan either since there are only 4m ps4’s sold tell me if usa is around 15m sales and japan its home country with 4m sales thats 20m sales from them where is the rest of the so called 50m sales at?

        its kind of sad that the ps4 doesnt even sell in its home country…lmao

        • Now compare sale numbers per capita….

        • You are a known troll here. Console gaming in Japan has been dying for a long time now but the PS4 is still doing well. Sells more on a weekly basis then the Xbox One has in Japan in it’s lifetime. Also plenty of fans around the world enjoy JRPGs not just Japan. Your so stuck on yourself you can’t see past your ego.

          • the truth is a troll and you didnt answer the queston which continents does it sell the most on?

          • I don’t even know the point you are trying to make. My initial reply was in response to you thinking because you don’t like JRPGs then no one else does either. I don’t care anything about how much the PS4 has sold in each region of the world. Has nothing to do with this article.

          • i dont like jrpg’s europe must like

    • I agree, i like a few jrp’s but most are weird, but it’s nice to have a choice as well brah ?

      • if its not going to sell for 80% or more of the xbox fan base why bother to bring them to xbox?jrpgs seem like a dying breed like mmorpgs.

        ff15 was the best one out last year and it didnt do well on xbox.a ps4 is cheap right now if you want jrpg’s just buy one imo…lol

  2. I don’t know where Phil gets his info but No ONE WANTS JAPANESE DOGSHIT. FUCK THOSE CHILD MOLESTING GOOKS

    • they can keep their jrpgs on the ps4.ill never buy any ff15 flopped on xbox the king of jrpgs what whould that have told phil.

  3. Good Xbox needs a hell of a lot of variety genres anyway. They have mastered the shooters and racers now its time for Microsoft to take risks with different genres like great storytelling rpgs.

    • tell me something did the king of jrpgs ff15 do well on xbox one?…..nope.most people who buy xbox dont care for jrpgs.

      • Which tells me Xbox gamers do not like diversity, that’s okay, as long as most of them are happy….

      • I cant stand people who draw this conclusion based on opinion instead of facts. Do you know every Xbox gamer? I dont think so. I have an Xbox and like jrpgs so that rhetoric is getting really lame from those who for some reason want to stereotype Xbox players. I can say that Playstation players only care for about jrpgs and not shooters or racing games but that would be false so stop trying put all Xbox players in the same category. Do you know that most 360 players have a ps4 now but they are not calling ps4 a shooter box like did Xbox 360 even though it had plenty of jrpgs. The gaming double standards is crazy against Xbox and Xbox players.

        • its in the sales bra.if ff15 was the best jrpg it would have sold millions and it didnt on xbox.that should show you right there.

          • Every play station gamer isnt buying Japanese games either but its not stopping devs from releasing to ps4 and ignoring the Xbox which is unfair especially when those same Japanese devs released games on the Xbox before Playstation like Team Ninja. That not enough sales statement is bogus just an excuse. Most of these jrpgs Sony is not even making deals with they are just coming to ps4 and avoiding Xbox which is insane like Nier. Im starting to think Japanese devs no longer care for Xbox at all.

          • ill agree with some of that not even ps4 owners but jrpgs but they sure like to list them as exclusives but thats all they do with

            if a company doesnt want to bring jrpgs on the xbox im fine with that maybe phill should get some studios to make some instead of pining to jrpg devs who will never care about xbox in the first place.

          • I agree he should bring a lot of japanese studios under the Xbox division because Xbox just needs more diverse games period. The 360 had a hell of a lot of diverse games and jrpgs from japanese studios that sadly are catering to Sonys console this gen but started out on Xbox first which is not fair at all.

          • agreed.i think xboix should have their own jrpg dev instead of dealing with anyone from should make their own exclusive jrpg.

            i think thats what they wanted with scale bound but it was from a japan stuido.what do you think if they had their own xbox team make a jrpg game?

          • Never thought of that they should create their own games but they still need a lot more japanese studios to get games out quickly because they only have a handful of japanese studios for Xbox. Microsoft has to expand their studios big time and I not just talking for their japanese studios but all 1st party studios. Its crazy that Microsoft a company with a net worth of over 90 billion is suffering from lack of first party studios and 3rd party support. Its like a rick family suffering from lack of insurance makes no sense to me.

          • japan devs dont care about xbox plain and simple never have and never will.who ever said they were suffering from 1st party titles?are you even a xbox gamer or are you one that has both consoles and say lets just get a long?

            there is nothing wrong with 3rd party except for certin 3rd party devs saying xbox wont get this games or get this dlc thats marketing.

            sony buys the right to a game and says ill pay you this much if you dont put that dlc on xbox.its mots ms fault thats the devs choice.

            like i said i dont care for jrpgs and will never buy them on xbox if i wanted a jrpg id buy a ps4.

          • What is your definition of an Xbox gamer? I don’t tag myself to any company I just like the Xbox as a gamer and would like to see it improve with more first party titles and 3rd party support which it needs. And I don’t understand the mindset that some in the Xbox community has about jrpgs like they don’t matter, but they do matter because the 360 had many amazing jrpgs like the Ninja Gaiden series and other Mature rpgs which made it popular and a better console than ps3 last gen. It should never be one console getting jrpgs and more 3rd party support when their is another console on the market. I like jrpgs but I prefer the Xbox controller and console so your telling me that Microsoft should just ignore my gaming demographic and stick with shooters and racers as their major ips thats not smart. Xbox One will never reach the 360 popularity if Microsoft continues to rely on Halo Gears and Forza instead of bringing in diverse games. They need constant 1st party new ips and 3rd party to become successful.

          • now you show how ignorant you are and now know what i was dealing with.if ms has to stop relying on halo,gears,and forza sony needs to give up all of their exclusives uncharted,last of us,god of war,infamous they must do the same.its the same.

            you just showed who you are keep you SH**TY jrpgs on the delay station.

          • You sound like a fanboy instead of gamer I have an Xbox idiot I am not a fanboy just a gamer. I see now that Im dealing with a fanboy instead of a gamer damn its a shame that you want to limit Xbox potential to just shooters and racers as big ips which will keep that negative stereotype around about Xbox. Im glad Phil is not listening to Xbox players like you with that ridiculous mindset of limiting their game portfolio by denying jrpgs. Your not comprehending my post either I said Microsoft needs more ips instead of just milking those 3 titles I did not say they should get rid of them. Microsoft has mastered shooters and racers they now need new ips and more jrpgs support if you believe thats a problem than your insane to not want Xbox to have diversity.

          • “stop relying on” != “stop making”…

  4. Xbox needs a strong single player story focused lineup, jpg’s are good, but 90% of them are trash these days, gone are the days of chrono trigger, FF 7 and vagrant story.

    Pepperidge Farm remembers

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