4 Reasons Why Gambling Needs To Return In Red Dead Redemption 2 & Online

Gambling plays a big part in most games we see from Rockstar. Gambling within video games creates lots of opportunities for players and developers with the game. Gambling had quite a big part in the first Red Dead Redemption and with Red Dead Redemption 2 coming out later this year, should we see gambling have a part in the next game? This is four reasons why we need to see gambling return in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Online.

1. Rockstar Can Link Gambling To Micro-Transactions.

Gambling could open up a lot of different opportunities for Rockstar to include micro-transaction into Red Dead Redemption 2. This is because you could need a currency to gamble, and that’s where you will get you’re micro-transactions. Rockstar would be able to integrate this because they could make it so that you can buy this currency, using your real money, much like shark cards within GTA V. Then obviously the currency you buy can be used on gambling. With micro-transactions becoming a big part in most games, and it earning publishers the majority of their revenue, gambling would be a perfect idea to give Rockstar something so that they can include micro-transactions into the game. However, this would be mainly for online than single player/offline.

2. Gambling Could Offer More Content In-Game.

Gambling could also create a lot of in-game content for Red Dead Redemption 2. First of all, you would need somewhere to gamble, such as a casino, which could serve multiple uses and play a big part in the single player. Secondly, if Rockstar was to include a separate currency which you gamble, it would be pointless if you couldn’t spend it. This offers more in-game content because you could use this currency to buy much better things that you’re normal money couldn’t buy, which could lead to years of additional content being added to the game over its life cycle.

3. Gambling Could Make It Easier To Make Virtual Money Online.

One of the biggest things that people complained about (and some are still complaining about) is how long it can take to earn virtual money in GTA V Online. If we see gambling in Red Dead Redemption 2, it could make it much easier to earn virtual money in the online mode. This is of course because you will be able to earn virtual cash much faster if you gamble it, although you could lose it just as fast. Gambling to earn virtual cash online would be a good idea, because you will earn you virtual money faster, but it could spoil your online experience at the same time if you earn to much at once. Talking about online casinos, there’s great real life casinos to make real life money called Zodiac Casino, and if we were to give a Zodiac Casino review, it would be 10/10.

4. Gambling Was Enjoyable In The First Game.

Gambling should return to Red Dead Redemption 2 since it was so enjoyable in the first game. In the first Red Dead Redemption, gambling added a much different aspect to the game. It was something “unique” in the game, which a lot of other games of that time also didn’t have. Even though the first game was released a while ago, if gambling was included into Red Dead Redemption 2, it would still have a “unique” aspect to it. This is possibly down to the fact that we haven’t seen many games at all that would fall into the gambling category so far on current gen consoles.

I think that gambling would and could be such a great feature in Red Dead Redemption 2, and it should be definitely something that should be considered to be implemented into the game. Let us know down in the comments what you think about the idea of gambling in Red Dead Redemption 2 and the online mode.

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