Phil Spencer: “Xbox Is Having A Good Gen, Our Best Yet.”; “Xbox One S Strong Since Launch”

Xbox Exec, Phil Spencer has took to Twitter to answer questions by fans again as he usually does. While he answered some standard questions, he had some interesting responses to some questions. Phil responded to comments made by Kotaku news editor Jason Schreier who said “Microsoft clearly can’t compete with Sony on exclusives. They should take the living room PC approach with Scorpio.”

Phil called his comments “strange” and followed by saying that “Xbox Is Having A Good Gen, Our Best Yet.” Phil also added that the Xbox One S has been performing strong for the Xbox since it launched. Phil also responded to a fan who said that it’s too quiet from Xbox’s side to which Phil said “Gamers want good games. Proud of our first party this gen, can always do more. Xbox gamers demand alot, we’ll work hard to deliver”

He also mentioned that “Good games shipping are positive for industry.” and specifically mentioned Horizon Zero Dawn being in that list. It also seems that the negativity towards Xbox and Phil has increased after the reviews went live for Horizon Zero Dawn as he said “Always a little louder when good games ship on other platforms, totally get it.”

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  1. Phil should just tell these gaming goofs to fuck off

  2. I wholeheartely agree with Phil, owning multiple consoles should not be some kind of ‘tech race war’. I’d love to play Horizon, but I have Zelda ear marked in for March. However Xbox is my preferred system.
    And frankly, since Phil took over as Xboss in 2014 Xbox itself has gone from strength to strength. Keep it up!

  3. I don’t understand the hate for Xbox now that Phil is leader is it because of Project Scorpio that the media is attacking Microsoft because they are scared and just want Sony in the console market. I mean what the hell is going on lately with these journalist. Phil is a class act always positive even with the bs coming his way 247. Xbox is improving thanks to Phil Spencer all it needs to work on is 1st party exclusives and more 3rd party support thats it. This guy does not get the credit he deserves for turning Xbox around.

  4. Phil is officially full of shat. If he truly believes that things are going great he’s delusional. Smdh!

    • well when the xbox one is selling more year over year and is outselling the 360, then yes. it is a great gen for xbox. in fact when you consider the reveal and how well they are doing now it’s quite impressive. phil has worked magic over in washington.

      • They aren’t sharing any numbers so how can you be so sure?

        I agree with numbers but just words don’t help. Besides where is the software?

        • They won’t share numbers.

          But NPD numbers are very good. The Xbox one s outsold all ps4 skus individually last December. The only way Sony won was because they had 3 skus out.

          And they’ve consistently released software since launch. They are now slowing down.

          however out of Xbox or Sony, Xbox has delivered more games on time with the least delays since launch.

          Sony has all these games because of delays. People forget that.

          • NPD doesn’t give numbers and. I where did you read anything about what individual skus sold. Sony only said that the Slim far outpaced the Pro and that’s it.

            Also XBox had two skus.

            All I’m saying is without hard facts it’s all talk.

            With delays and all Sony has still launched more exclusive content. This year alone we are already looking at 5 games to 1. On top of that these games are quality.

          • NPD gives monthly numbers for north america.

            no one buys the original xbox lol.

            unfortunately you have to speculate on console sales. otherwise there is no point talking about it. if we go by hard facts xbox has sold 10 million…. when that’s obvious that they didn’t.

            aren’t all those games delayed?

            and last year sony released 2 games? TLG and uncharted 4.

            where xbox released far more. that’s just my point.

          • Nathan Drake Collection, Ratchet and Clank, and MLB The Show just to name a few that you missed.

            As I stated the facts are there but if you choose to ignore them then yes you are only speculating.

            Not to digress MS is not having their best gen yet. The 360 was more popular and had more software, than the XOne. The PS4 is selling faster than the PS2 the all-time king so there is no need of bringing them into this discussion really.

          • All of your comments are terribly miss-informed. I’m guessing you got your info off Xbox related websites? You know, the ones who say in-correct things about the competition to keep you interested in their platform of choice.

            There were a lot more than 2 games that came out published by Sony last year – For example, here is a list Gamespot made in January 2016 about what was coming.:

            The ones we got were, Uncharted 4, Last Guardian, Ratchet and Clank, the tomorrow children, Street fighter 5, firewatch, shadow of the beast, boundless, alienation, paragon, the witness, no mans sky.

            True, some of them aren’t Sony published in their list, but they were timed or console exclusives which came out last year – plus the actual list is much bigger by games cropping up throughout the year.

            Going off your comment though, it would seem you would rather a company bring out a game whether it is finished or not, just so that it is on time – maybe that is why Xbox owners re fine with having early access on their consoles – the ability to give money to an incomplete game which may never be completed? Sony wont allow that and refuses to allow a game on its store, unless it has enough content to justify it.

            I’m happy they delay games, its much better than saying “it’s in development and you will hear about it soon” then turning around and saying the game is now cancelled – Scalebound, Fable Legends, etc….. Maybe you prefer games to be cancelled over delayed?

          • I merely listed games that stuck out in my memory.

            I would rather games not be announced until they have an understanding of when they will release.

            I also dislike how PlayStation fans think these delayed games are somehow increasing the volume of games per year over Xbox. Xbox usually release their games on time, PlayStation doesn’t. Due to that you have people saying Xbox has no games when in fact the majority of the games you are playing are just delayed. Like uncharted tlg ratchet and clank etc. Were.

            And its funny how people forget the early years of this gen where PlayStation were riding on the fact that multi platforms ran better on PlayStation. Because they had no games. But now that Xbox is releasing Scorpio they are taking the games over power approach.

          • You never answered the the question though, do you think cancelling the games is better than delaying them? As that seems to be microsofts approach at the moment. Personally I would rather wait a few month and actually get a game than be hyped on it then have it taken away.

            On the same point, MS announce fable and scalebound ages ago – so MS also announce games early, it isn’t just Sony. Although Phil Spencer has RECENTLY said they won’t be doing that going forward to avoid disappointment. So up until now they have both been the same. Look at cuphead….

            Also, if you google game releases in 2016/2015 etc and look, you will see that year on year Sony releases more (both published and the platform gets more) – saying you don’t count them because they were delays is stupid. If a game was due in 2015 but it came out in 2016 then it’s counted as a 2016 game because it wasn’t counted in 2015. It’s not being counted in both years…

          • depends on the circumstances. if its because they are behind schedule then yes a delay should happen. however i have heard MANY things about platinum games and scalebound everything from them using Microsoft’s money to fund nier and other products, to them needing 4 years to finish it. at that point cut your losses and invest in new projects.

            yes and they expressed the trouble of those decisions.

            im not saying to not count them because they are delayed. I said that xbox released more games and had them release on time in the first couple of years than playstation did.

            im then annoyed when people start acting like the previous year never happened because the games that were supposed to come out then have released in the first half of the new year.

            it is counted as a 2016 game. im not debating that.

          • Matter of fact it was the PS4 Slim with Uncharted 4 that was the highest selling console in November and December.

            You can look that up.

  5. Is it really? I’m sensing a little bit of delusion coming from his side.

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    • Nice wall of text with ‘certain’ things in capitals. I’ll take it that that is all fake and you are trying to damage control the fact that there has been no info about scorpio since E3 other than the leaked ‘How to achieve 4k using upscaling’ document that MS produced because they are using a method like PS Pros Checkerboarding.

      • Nope!

  7. Xbox fanboy losers on massive damage control, as expected.

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