Would A Casino Game Using Nintendo Switch’s Great Features Sell Well?

Nintendo is not one to shy away from their hand at creating or allowing their IPs to be used for the creation of Casino Games; We have had past Pokemon Games that have blatantly had casinos with slot machines in them, rewarding the player with Pokemon and Technical Machines, and even a Super Mario 64 DS , where Luigi was a card dealer.

With the Nintendo Switch on the brink of release, only one week and a few days away, I believe that it is possible that Nintendo would be able to design another collection of Minigames. It could be similar to 1 2 Switch, where the players can take a trip to the Casino, without actually having to step foot into one. However, this collection of games would need to take use of the screen, and so it may be very possible that this IP could take advantage of being another Wario game.

The difference with this game however is that Wario would be taking advantage of all the functionalities of the Switch and it’s uses. One such use in a game is the typical slot machine, where players could detach a Joy-con, left or right, and pull it towards them. Using the HD Rumble, it could give off the sensation of pulling the lever and feeling the reels inside the machine move as you play the game. Adding a Nintendo flair would be seeing cutscenes of prizes the player could earn if they win, such as potential coins to unlock more minigames in Wario’s Casino.

The next games that could be unlocked would be a Craps, where the players shake the Joy Con, and the HD Rumble would vibrate, giving the sensation of the player holding two dice in their hands. Of course the player would have to hold down the back trigger button to make sure the dice are held in place, similar to bowling in Wii Sports.
I also believe that, if this could also take advantage of Amiibo functionality, where, by tapping a specific Amiibo, players could change the dealers which could subsequently change the skin of the games and difficulty that they are playing in.

For example, if a player uses Peach, it could change the game to Easy mode and potentially allow her to be a, or Bowser for hard mode, Any Mario Amiibo to unlock a Pachinko minigame skin designed in the style of the level from Super Mario Sunshine, and even Wario’s Amiibo for double in game currency for a limited time during a game.

It could also make use of the touchscreen during online multiplayer, where the player could become the dealer themselves in a game of BlackJack, and deal the cards that way, and the Joycons would vibrate less and less, giving the sensation that the player is losing cards out of their hands. With the online, on the go functionality, gamers could set up their own Casino party game night this way.

But what are your thoughts on this type of game? We know the Best Online Casino but what about about a casino video game on Nintendo Switch and using it’s capabilities to the maximum. Let us know in the comments below.

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