Mass Effect Andromeda Lead Designer Hints That The Game Will Be Much Longer Than Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect Andromeda’s release is now less than a month away, and as you can expect, many people are extremely excited for the release of what will be the first Mass Effect game in over five years. Thankfully the developers of the game are giving little bits of information and hints to keep us going until the release.

Mass Effect Andromeda’s Lead designer Ian Frazier gave an interesting hint on how long the game will be. A fan who said they took a day off to play Mass Effect 3, and needed a second day to finish it got a response from the Ian Frazier that may tell us that Andromeda is going to be massive compared to ME3. In his response he said “Players are going to need more days for this one.” For comparison, Mass Effect 3 would take you around 50 hours to do everything that the game has to offer, so it’s very likely that Andromeda will be over 100 hours long to do everything. It’s not surprising as the developers have said they are taking inspiration from Witcher 3’s side quests which were famous for being long and also meaningful.

Ian also answered a fan who asked if Mass Effect Andromeda will be beginner friendly, his response was that it will be “very beginner friendly” and followed up by saying “we want new players to be able to hop in to Mass Effect Andromeda easily without playing the trilogy first.”┬áThe lead producer of Mass Effect Andromeda has also confirmed that the game has not gone gold yet.

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  1. I’m glad to hear this.I really enjoyed Mass Effect 3 and this will be abit more massive and not only 50 hours to complete

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