2017 Can Be The Year Of Sonic With Its Two Big Releases

2 New Sonic Games for 2017

    It’s no surprise to anyone when I say that Sonic games have been kind of hit or miss since the death of the Dreamcast, but with two new releases slated for this year it looks Like Sonic Team is really in a good spot to make the huge comeback that fans have been waiting for.


    These two games look extremely promising as Sega looks to cater to a wide variety of its fanbase. Sonic Mania looks to cater to the older fans of the series in giving them a classic style 2D platformer, which fits perfectly into the current retro renaissance taking place throughout the gaming industry with games like Shovel Knight becoming extremely successful.


    Sonic Project 2017 looks to cater to fans who have enjoyed Sonic’s 3D adventures and looks to use a similar formula to the now critically acclaimed Sonic Generations with the possibility of a 3rd Sonic being teased (Frontrunners being Dreamcast Sonic and Boom Sonic).


    With these two games it looks like Sonic Team could be in line to make a massive comeback out of the experimental phase that was the past decade. Also if these games are successful then we could possibly see Sega greenlight a few Sonic games that fans have wanted for years (Sonic Adventure 3 and Sonic Heroes 2).



    Although many have boarded Sonic’s hype train in the past only to have it derailed, it looks like Sega has the right idea with these two releases and to be completely honest this could be the second wind that Sega has needed for years.

My hope for these games is that Sega Thoroughly tests them to avoid the buggy release that fans were met with when picking up Rise of The Lyric. Because we dont want another Sonic Boom on our hands or even worse another monstrocity like Sonic 06′.

For Project 2017 I only hope that Sega keeps its Generations formula fairly similar but I’m also hoping for two changes. First off, the storytelling needs to be improved from Generations because as it was a decent plot, it felt kind of disconnected from a story standpoint. The other thing that needs to be fixed is the boss battles (SPOILER WARNING FOR SONIC GENERATIONS) particullarly the final boss, Time Eater. In the boss battle Sonic Team tried to incorporate both Sonics in taking down this massive foe but what it lead to was a dissappointing experience in an otherwise fantastic game. The controls were extremely choppy in this stage and since sonic went super you are required to collect rings in order to prevent yourself from falling into the black hole, now this seems simple enough, right? Well it would be simple if rings actually appeared in fair intervals so nine times out of ten you end up dying while hunting for the rings to keep you alive.


If Sonic Team can take everything that was great about Generations as well as fix its issues we could be looking at the biggest Sonic release of the last decade, possibly rivaling games like Super Mario Odyssey for sales.

   As far as Sonic Mania goes its’ major selling point will be the complete level of nostalgia that comes with picking up an old school sidescroller, and from the marketing strategies I’ve seen from Sega so far it has me hopeful that this game will be a smash hit possibly leading to more retro platformers from Sega and hopefully other developers as well.



Although we dont have many deatils yet more information on these two titles will come next month at SXSW, The sonic panel takes place March, 16 at 5:00pm CT. This will most likely reveal Project 2017’s title as well as give us some more info to keep the hype train rolling on through.
    So what do you think? Can these two games save Sega from their abysmal releases of the past, or has the damage already been done? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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