Five Gameplay Changes We Need To See In FIFA 18

So we are nearly half way through FIFA 17’s lifetime, and most people are still enjoying the game. It is one of the only FIFA games which EA has supported so much, with them bringing out so much content for it. Almost every week we see something new, such as a new squad builder challenge. But what about game-play. EA is known for their sports games having game-play issues. Even though FIFA 17 doesn’t have many issues, here are five game-play changes we need to see happen in FIFA 18.

1. Corners

Corners are still something that EA haven’t been able to master yet. The last time corners were at their best was all the back in FIFA 14. FIFA 14 you could nearly score directly from every corner you received. Now however, it’s nearly impossible to directly score a corner. Whatever EA has done over the last few years, hasn’t improved corners, in fact, it has only made them worse. Corners play a big part in every FIFA game,¬†and it would be really essential if they worked properly.

2. Penalties

EA thought they would try something new this year in FIFA 17 with a new style of penalties. With EA bringing a new game engine to FIFA, it allowed them to try something new with penalties. However, penalties aren’t perfect. I personally don’t have an issue with penalties, but others think differently. If EA had to change one thing about the penalties in FIFA 18 is that they need to make it so that everyone has the little red arrow when they are taking a penalty. This issue has caused people the most issues in FIFA 17 and it the thing people want EA to change the most. Or they could just change the penalties to how how they used to be.

3. First Time Shots

EA need to change how first time shots work in FIFA 18. This is because most of the time when you tell players to do one, they don’t, which is a problem. It makes the game feel unresponsive, and it wastes an opportunity for you to score. Hopefully EA fixes this game-play issue for FIFA 18 because it would be disappointing if first time shots are still a big issue. I know they currently aren’t a big issue, but they can be extremely annoying if it ends up as a wasted opportunity.

4. Skill Moves (More Effective)

Skill moves play a big part in FIFA as a game series. But if they aren’t effective, it makes the skill move basically pointless. Not all skill moves are in-effective, but EA need to make it so the more basic skill moves are much more effective. In-effective skill moves are just as good as not knowing how to use the skill move properly. EA don’t need to change much here, the just need to change how effective your basic skill moves are, such as the ball roll. It would be nice to see EA make a slight change to this for FIFA 18 as you might see more people using skill moves.

5. Goalkeeping

Over time we have seen EA perfect goalkeeping more and more every time. However, there is still a few tweaks that EA could make to goalkeeping before FIFA 18. One tweak that they need to do it they need to make it so goalkeepers make much better decisions. Sometimes it is really difficult to rely on your goalkeeper since they make some stupid decisions. This would be the biggest thing that EA need to tweak. Another thing they could tweak is how goalkeepers make the saves. I find that sometimes I concede because my goalkeeper tries to make some ridiculous save that they shouldn’t have even thought of. This needs to be tweaked for FIFA 18 because this can cause losses that shouldn’t have happened.

These are only a few of the game-play changes that I/we need to see EA make for FIFA 18. It was fairly difficult getting some ideas becuase FIFA 17 had very little issues, but those were some of things that stood out the most. Let us know down in the comments what game-play changes you think EA should make to FIFA 18.

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