Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition Already Lowered To Under $60; Standard Edition Under $40

Halo Wars 2 has already been reduced in price with both the normal version and the Ultimate Edition version getting big reductions in price. The standard edition is being sold by CDKeys for just $39.89 which means it’s already been dropped by $20 in less than a week since release. The Ultimate Edition version which includes Halo Wars Definitive Edition and the season pass is now cheaper than the retail price of the standard edition! The Ultimate Edition version of Halo Wars 2 can be bought for just $57.59.

These prices might not stay the same for long so it’s best to purchase now to avoid missing out on these amazing prices. You can check out both listings below.

Halo Wars 2 Standard Edition – $39.89 – Link

Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition – $57.59 – Link

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  1. This page is ruined by insane amount of ads. Reading article when page moves and massive popping zit appears and some girl wiping tears with money comes up.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! Will play next year before Halo 6 comes out since it ties to the ending of Halo 5 🙂

  3. Huh! weren people mocking the last guardian for having the same price cut TWO MOTHS after release?

    • This isn’t an official cut like TLG, this is just CDKey’s doing their usual discount.

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