NieR: Automata Players Upset After Finding Trash Item Called “NIN64”; Will Be Renamed In New Patch

Many players in Japan have expressed their not so positive feelings about NieR: Automata including a trash item that was called “NIN64” with many players thinking that it was unnecessary negative comment about the Nintendo 64 console. The “NIN64” item’s description in the game says it is “Trash that was fished up. Can be exchanged at the shop” here’s an image of the item below.


The outrage over this alleged reference was that strong that the producer of the game had to tweet that the reference will be removed in an upcoming patch.

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  1. Well… it does accuratly portray the Nintendo 64 considering it was a grabage console. But it did have some memorable games but it doesn’t make the console legendary.

  2. NieR:Automata ?

  3. LoL.
    Yoko Taro really knows his stuff!

  4. lmao

  5. Starting Petition to keep shity NIN64 Item in Nier: Automata right now – (^8^)/ haha

  6. Real world problems

  7. that was a good joke! its a shame nowadays people complain to loudly about everything.

  8. TOO MUCH SENSITIVE I thought NIN64 stand for some robot in this game…Nintendo diehards.

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