For Honor Servers Down – Connection Failed Error – 02/25/2017 – 25/02/2017

A major server issue has caused all For Honor servers to go down, this is affecting PS4, Xbox One and PC users. The issues that many are reporting is the “Connection Failed Error” which then gives them an error code.

We will keep you updated on the servers, but until then please let us know in the comments section below if you’re having issues with the servers.

UPDATE 1: We’ve heard from multiple sources that all Ubisoft servers are down which includes Rainbow Six Siege, the Wildlands beta, The Division, and Steep are some examples of Ubisoft games suffering from server issues. It looks like either Ubisoft has had a massive server issue or it’s possible their servers have been DDOS’d. We will keep up updated on this story.

UPDATE 2: Ubisoft have confirmed that they are having server issues and are looking into them.

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  1. Yeeeep same here

  2. Yup. I wouldn’t mind the “always online” requirement if the servers were “always online”. This is BS. When I pay $100 for a game, I expect to be able to play when I want to.

    • I just fucking knew that you couldn’t trust this piece of shit, Ubisoft has had server issues from the day it was created, I am honestly not surprised, just pissed as f***. They got a huge community and many were hyped for this game, and now then they can’t keep a few servers up? seriously, do they even deserve this??

      • Started working again. Let’s hope it lasts a few days.

        • Nope, low activity and can’t play with friends.

  3. So goddamn infuriating that AAA developers push a highly anticipated product that is multiplayer focused and cant protect it. Hasnt even been 2 weeks since release. We may as well boycott ubisoft since they cant do shit right since that disgrace known as AC Unity

  4. On a Friday though? Summer started nd were out to play

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