Middle Earth: Shadow of War Leaked

Well it looks like the rumored sequel to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor has been leaked early by Target. An image and description showed up on the site’s page today which you can see below. Rumors of been flying for a while and now we know Middle Earth: Shadow of War is on the way and will launch on August 22 according to the listing. WB was expected to be making some kind of announcement in early March but it seems like that surprise has now been ruined. A Gold Edition was also listed for $100 which you can see below.

C5mnEV_U0AAoP9x.jpg large

C5mnNtVUYAA4sgt.jpg large

C5mpc5cU8AEmP9H.jpg large

Are you excited for Middle Earth: Shadow of War? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Just add some depth to this one. The first was a fun game but I wasnt as interested on my second playthrough. Everything felt the same. Just add in some more depth and it will be even bigger than the first game.

  2. Loved the first, but without co-op I ain’t buying the sequel

  3. Heads will roll. Should have a slow motion camera for awesome kills. Also, throw in some humans for killing. First game was great, can’t wait!!!!

  4. I’m intrested in the sequel since i bought Shadow Of Mordor i’m still playing the game to get the platinum i believe this will be great too

  5. What a shame for the people working to make it a suprise

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