The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Second Review Revealed; One Of Their Highest Scoring Games Ever

The first Zelda: Breath Of The Wild review was revealed yesterday, and it was scored a perfect 10/10 by EDGE magazine. Another incredible score has been revealed from another magazine today, and it’s one of their highest scores ever given for a video game.

German Gamepro reviewed the game, and gave it a 94/100 which is their second highest score ever given for a game, and are notorious for being very harsh with review scores and do not give big scores all the time. The 94/100 score also means it’s higher than any of their PS4 or Xbox One reviews with the top games being The Witcher 3 and Uncharted 4 which both got 92/100, and as you know already those games are both incredible.

With Breath Of The Wild coming in at #2 you might be wondering which game did it lose out on the #1 space to? Grand Theft Auto IV which was rated 95/100. However being the second highest rated game of all time for a magazine is extremely impressive, and along with the 10/10, it could be an indicator that we are in for huge scores for Breath Of The Wild.

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  1. That’d equate to a 97 thus far on metacritic?
    GTA IV got 98. Zelda might outmatch it.
    HOWEVER, user scores for GTAIV are sub 8/10
    If you factor that in, BOTW may shatter it, making for the highest rated game of all time?

    • LOL getting a little ahead of yourself, aren you?

      GTA got it among 86 critics, its waaay harder to do that than with just two.

      Also, wait to see how high will BOTW user scores will (or will not) get, you clearly don’t know how they work (not how they should work but how they really work).

      • I am getting slightly ahead of myself, BUT as of current, 2 of the more extreme reviewers giving nigh on top scores (combined with seemingly unanimous positive previews).
        GTA IV got 98 critics score, Zelda sounds like it’ll be at least on par. But my thinking is the user scores will be just as good. Zelda is rarely a genre ppl slam. Its not a universal quality indicator, but can’t bash games for getting proactive user ratings.
        (contrary to belief, I don’t think the minor Nintendo dedicated fans pack together and dish out high scores to boost Nintendo’s scores)

        • 1.- you are not taking into account the possibility of click bait sites that will give it a bad score just to attract attention, like it happen with Uncharted 4 , bayonetta 2 and horizon.

          2.- You are looking it backwards, its not the ones boosting scores that will make an impact, but the hater ones giving it low scores. Just wait and see, I’ll bet youll see tons of undeserved zeros for BOTW.

          • Zero’s, wow, that’d be rough.
            Horizon got a couple dud scores, that I can tell are undeserved. But its the same difference every game has risked to endure since Metacritic began.
            Metroid Prime on Gamecube got a 97 critic/93 user. So Nintendo is capable of achieving great scores in light of the dud reviewers you mentioned.
            We will just have to wait and see. But at the very least, one thing we can probably safely discern at this point is that BOTW will be a system seller. Twighlight princess that released on 2 systems much akin to BOTW did 8 mil sales?

          • Oh, you’ll see them, trust me, that fu@#&ng trend started with the rivalry between Battlefield and COD fans.

            Yes, Nintendo could do it, but it will be extraordinarily hard, specially with just 2% of the possible reviews.

            BoTW IS a system seller. Even if it went for a metascore of 80.

            I think between 8 and 12 million will be the end number.

          • Told You!

            While im not surprised by the user scores, I have to admit I didnt expect the reviewers scores to be that high! Amazing!


          • Well u were damn right. And that’s just sad for the game. You know they’re dodge reviews when they give zero’s and don’t actually leave actual critism comments.
            I’m playing the game. Its a gorgeous world, albeit it a subtle and low action intro into the game. Patience pays in this case.

            But currently on Meta, the overall user score is based on over a 1000 scores but it says only a few hundred reviews? Is there an error?
            And how do you score on Meta, I’ve never done it.

          • I haven’t either! I would assume that you can score the game just giving it a number without giving a written review and only those hundreds you can read are the ones that wrote something.

            Anyways, enjoy your fantastic game!

    • The highest rated game of all time is OoT at 99/100. I doubt it’ll get that high but I’m sure it will be rated highly

  2. of course its a 10/10 then your switch will sit on the shelf for 2 more years until they make another zelda.

    • Sure…except Mario Kart comes out one month later, Pokèmon is already in development and Mario Odyssey, which will be one of the greatest masterpieces of this generation, is coming out in november. With Xenoblade(another huge masterpiece) in the middle. Go play brainless games like Call of Duty.

      • Splatooooon 2!

      • I assume you’re referring to Pokemon Sun & Moon, which will be ported over, because the Pokemon devs clearly said that they will wait and see if the Switch becomes popular or not, before they consider developing a new game for it.

        • You know Nintendo owns Pokemon, right? They have a majority share in the company so they basically run everything they do.

    • Translation: My mom said I couldn’t get one because I just got a new game for Christmas. Though she did say that maybe I can get one for my birthday if I’m good.

      It’s alright to be jealous little guy.

    • Aaaaw, you jelly?

  3. So, people are giving this 10s but saying it’s a killer switch app but I don’t need Switch to get this so why bother calling it a killer switch app?

    • Probably because while it is also on the WiiU, barely anybody has one of those…

      • and yet…. no one has a switch at all

        • True …but this WILL sell switches

          • This can also sell Wii U’s seeing how its cheaper to get a wii U and botw then it is to get the switch and botw. It’s like twilight princess for gamecube and wii it will split it’s sells.

          • I didn’t exactly see a bunch of PS3s flying off the shelves when Destiny released.

          • Completely different scenario seeing how PS3 install base was at 80+ million at the time of destiny release and destiny released across 4 platforms versus BotW releasing it on 2 Nintendo platforms simultaneously

        • Because it hasn’t released yet 😛

          • I don’t believe that is a true statement to make. There are tons of people I have met and run into that wait on consoles 3-4 years into their life to buy them. And, unless there are literally no more shipments of Wii U’s going out anymore. People who research and give it thought will probably find their money best spent on a wii U and the catalog of games it has now over buying Switch and spending several hundreds more to play the same game.

            There is always an initial wave of Nintendo fans who buy the systems day one no matter what and I can see that easily being a million-2(if nintendo don’t throttle their supply like they always do) but after that I don’t see people not making the decision to go cheaper.

          • Just saying…
            Switch BOTW was #2 on Amazon while WiiU BOTW was somewhere around #26…
            And WiiU shipments will stop soon, seeing as how production has already ended a while ago.
            No doubt some people will choose to get a WiiU for BOTW, but if just about all multiplats out there these days are any indication, the version on the newer console(this case Switch) will be far more popular.

          • Amazon doesn’t ever seem to constitute for more then maybe 10-20% of the sales considering you have other major outlets such as GameStop, Walmart Best Buy and other outlets so why people use Amazon as a scaler is odd.

            As for the multi-platform comparison that’s also typically the case if the new console really sales well. We honestly have no idea how much stock Nintendo are sending it with the switch but if it’s anything like they have done in the past it may only be a few million in the first couple of months to give the illusion of limited stock and over demand.

            They might only move 500k day one and if people really want the game that 13 million Wii U owners seem to be much more readily available.

          • Amazon may not constitute 100% of sales, but given the disparity you see on Amazon, how much better do you think the WiiU version would really fare at other retailers?
            (Anecdotally, I would also add that it doesn’t help that many retailers where I live don’t even bother listing/displaying the WiiU version in shop/online)
            “We honestly have no idea how much stock Nintendo are sending it with the switch”
            Actually, we do… 2 million at launch(almost all sold out) with 5 million more by years end… And that was before they said they would increase production due to high launch demand. Quite a bit more than 500k.
            Sales data for multiplats are easy to find online, contrary to what you claim you will generally see that while current gen systems have far smaller install bases/fewer sales than their predecessors, far more people tend to buy current-gen versions(especially when released at the same time)… Heck, even GTA V(which didn’t even release on its platforms at the same time) gave the PS4 a sale spike when it released for that system.

          • I don’t think you comprehended my proposal at all. My proposal was that when you have 13 million existing Wii U’s it’s pretty easy to say that a hefty chunk of those Wii U owners who are interested in the game will get it. But even off of your assumption of there being potentially 2 million Switches to be sold to consumer in the first month.

            You still can’t gaurentee all 2 million will buy BoTW. But you can more then likely ascertain that a good portion of the 13 million Wii U owners will pick it up. Unless Nintendo deliberately bottlekneck their own game.

            But, in cases like this It’s far to unpredictable on what the switch will actually do with consumers until it’s here. I remember when Xbone was trending on Amazon for a hot month or two last year during the slims drop yet they barely sold a million in that timeframe last year. That’s why I say using Amazons peak games as a guide for an unreleased console just wouldn’t be a good argument at all.

  4. What a bad Article what liars. Gamepro gives always Highscores and it is not the second best reviewed Titel. GTA V got 97 GTA 4 , Arkham City , Resident Evil 5 and many other games have 95%.

    • The article is correct. It was talking about the GERMAN Gamepro and they are very harsh.

  5. Sweet can’t wait to emulate it at 4k on cemu emulator!

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