Second Assassin’s Creed Empire Leaked Screenshot Analysis Confirms Egypt Setting

A further zoomed out image has been leaked early for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game which confirms the Egypt setting rumor is true.


As you can see in the further zoomed out image, the player is about to enter a pyramid which could not be seen in the original zoomed in image. If you also zoom in a little on the code at the bottom of the above image you will see it clearly says “GIZA” too which also makes it very obvious that it’s set in Egypt. The zoomed in image however does make some thing a little clearer and makes it even more likely that it’s an Egypt setting which you can see below.


The icon above which says “5 m” looks very similar to a pharaoh’s sarcophage.

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  1. shield in AS series? srsly?
    more like this is new unannounced game.

    • since when the assassins are not allowed to use shields?

      • since we have 6 or so games without shields, and historically, assassin is silent murderer, not footman.

        • Shields were abandoned as soon as firearms and especially cannons were invented. Technically, Altaïr could have used a shield, but Levantine Assassins never used any during training as they wanted to keep their hidden blade hand free. Makes more sense for an Egyptian Assassin to have one, as it can easily parry a volley of arrows.

        • they have been adding different default weapons through all the games. Black Flag, Unity and Sindycate don’t have shields probably just because of the settings of the games

  2. What is your source for these images?

    • gee, you’d think in 2017 more people would wonder about things like sources…

  3. This could ac not exactly sure but really looks like ac

  4. Whitewashed Caucasian protagonist. So predictable.

    • Actually, crybaby, Egyptians are typically lighter of skin. A color just like the character in the photo. Some are darker, sure, even being confused with Africans, but Egyptian is it’s own race. He could also be of Jewish or middle eastern considering the location and assumed timeframe. This isn’t white.

      • This reminds me of the person who complained on social media of the whitewash when they cast Rami Malek as an Egyptian and someone was like “You dumbass, Malek IS Egyptian” haha.

      • Egyptians referred to themselves as “Black” people or ‘kmt’, and km was the etymological root of other words, such as Kam or Ham, which refer to Black people in Hebrew tradition.

        Read ‘Biological Anthropology and the Study of Ancient Egypt’, they were closer to sub-saharan African -Nubians. Tutankhamun was black Afro-Asiatic. Strabo referred to Egyptians as “melanchroes” with woolly hair. Recent DNA studies found that the male haplogroups in a sample of 147 Egyptians are characteristic of some Afro-Asiatic speakers.

        Whitewashing IS racism, not me who point it out.

        • Except that’s afrocentrism bullshit. Ancient Egyptians ranged from dark with curly hair to very light with straight hair. They even depicted such in their various visual arts such as hieroglyphics. They didn’t even have a sense of “black or white”, that was made up by the europeans to separate good from bad. And look at idiots like you still seeing things in black vs white to the point you have to try desperately to paint Ancient Egypt as BLACK, when it couldn’t be fartger from the truth.

    • I hope this is sarcasm

      • Well, I’m dead serious. Just to let you know.

        • you do know egyptians weren’t black right? they were slaves to the egyptians

          • Naw, this fool is clearly another sad victim of Afrocentrist gobbledygook. The people who cry loudest about white people and cultural approptiation IN A MELTING POT SOCIETY are the ones trying desperately to appropriate other cultures. Egypt is just one.

    • You haven’t even seen the front of the character
      and yet you assume he is caucasian/whitewashed based on skintone

      Africa is diverse, stop it.

      • Africa has more different kinds of darker people than the rest of the world has different kinds of whiter people. Thus whole Black Vs White mentality is ignorant and racist. Africa isn’t Black like so many american blacks want to believe.

  5. Unless they are going to bring back the full MP. I aint interested.

    • wasn’t the MP part actually the part everyone started to dislike AC more and more? I always felt as if the MP was an unnecessary point of the game which barely anyone used anyways. AC was always about the singleplayer part for me at least.

      • yeah, the MP in Brotherhood was simple fun, but it just went downhill from there

  6. Ac:Black Flag and Syndicate were the last two good AC games, hopefully this is more like syndicate and less like Unity

    • syndicate is so great. I just started playing after buying it new for $8…best $8 gaming expense EVER, literally. what a breath fresh air for the series. Black Flag meets Brotherhood. THe Gang system and Arkham City grappling hook made me stick around

      • I agree, Syndicate was a blast, still have the DLC to finish. I almost hated finishing Syndicate I had so much fun with it.

  7. source or it’s fake

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