Five Reasons Why Xbox Game Pass Could Be A Failure

Today we received a big announcement by the Head of Xbox – Phil Spencer. We found out today that in spring we will be receiving an Xbox Game Pass. If you don’t know what the Xbox Game Pass will do by now, it will be a subscription which will allow you unlimited access to games whilst your subscription is active, much like EA Access for that matter. The Xbox Game Pass sounds like it could be a really smart idea, having hundreds of games free for just a small monthly fee (no yearly fee has been announced as of yet). However, it might not be as smart as it seems, as it could turn out to be a failure instead of a success. So here is five reasons why the Xbox Game Pass could be a failure.

1. Too Expensive

The Xbox Game Pass could be a failure if the price for the subscription fee is too high. If a price tag/fee is too high, it will turn people away, and if it turns people away then it will cause it too be failure since it won’t be making Microsoft no money. Currently, the price/fee is at $9.99/£7.99 a month and people are already slightly turned away. Most people think that this is too high, however others think it is a great price for what the service will offer us, but it will all come down to what they offer us each month within the service as to whether it is worth it.

2. The Variety And Choice Of Games

I think that the variety of games they put in the service and the choice of games they give us will strongly decide on whether the Xbox Game Pass will succeed or fail. Xbox need to be wise with the games that they will give us within the subscription because no one is going to want to pay a monthly fee for a game which they might have got for free a few months ago with Games with Gold. Doing that would not be a smart idea from Xbox which means that they need to be smart with their choices. Giving people big AAA titles will entice people to purchase the membership. However, if Xbox don’t offer the best games, the it isn’t going to make people want to buy the subscription and will cause the service to fail.

3. Games Rotating In And Out Of The Service.

One of the things that Xbox is thinking of doing with the service is to make it so that there will always be a new set of games each month in the service. They will do this by taking out games that were in the program and adding in new games. This means that we won’t see most games for more than a month since they will be rotated out of the service. This can cause the service to fail because if there’s a game which people want to play and it is removed from the service for the following month, it might encourage people to not renew their membership. However this can be easily prevented by keeping in the big titles and only rotating the smaller titles.

4. People Might Wait Until A Certain Game Is In The Service

The idea behind Xbox adding games to the service as time goes on is good, but people might start relying on this too much. If people start to rely on the service to play a game, they could be waiting a long time. This will cause the service to fail because if people are waiting for a certain game to be added, they could be waiting a long time. Which will mean that the service won’t be making Xbox any money, and if it isn’t making any money then it will be pointless to keep it running.

5. Devalues Games

Like many who subscribe to EA Access, people will just wait for Microsoft to add their first party titles to the service rather than buy the title at launch for $60. EA Access has added games to the service that have only been out for 7 months before, and Microsoft will eventually add their own titles to pad the titles up. If people realize that they will get it with the service eventually then they can wait rather than pay at launch and save money but this will cause Microsoft to have decreased sales for their games.

Also when I say devalue, I also mean the trade in price for the titles. Once a game becomes part of the service it’s going to be worth nothing so some of the games you own right now that you thought was still worth $5-$10 will now be worth almost nothing once it hits the service.

Those are the five biggest reasons why I think the Xbox Game Pass could be a failure, but it might be the most successful service we have seen so far on current gen consoles that relates to games. Let us know down in the comments below what you think about the Xbox Game Pass and whether you think it will or won’t be a failure.

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  1. Already failure articles…….. And people tell me there is no media game bias. Couldnt even wait a day. Well lets begin ripping apart the non sense.

    1) $9.00 a month is not expensive especially for access to 100 games, if $9.00 is to expensive you are either a kid or so poor gaming shouldnt be on your mind.

    2)If someone offers you 100 games to play I am sure there is going to be some diversity and variety in their.

    3) Ties in to 2) …… with 100 games spinning and rotating you get to experience more which is the bigger selling point and you actually gave a solution in the original reason.

    4) People waiting for a game is actually part of the dynamic. Most people arent just waiting for one game to play. Normal people are going to be playing other stuff and trying out games they never tried before… and with a %20 saving on games you then buy its just to good of a deal.

    5) This one is interesting because it actually moves value not remove value.I am assuming the value you are talking about is your trade in value at Gametop. This service would maybe make your game less valuable on a trade in but also take down the prices of games you would want to buy used.

    • If you owned a 360, you probably played all those old games already. So why not pay a $10 monthly subscription fee to play them again? How stupid.

      What happened to backwards compatibility? It wasn’t making MS any money, that’s what happened. It hasn’t helped to sell enough Xbox One consoles.

      20% savings? I already get that from preordering new games on Amazon Prime, for “physical” game releases. Remember physical disc based games? Those are the ones that you can trade in to Gamestop, Bestbuy, and Amazon, among other places for cashback towards future games.

      • Well….. I saw Mad Max on there and I didnt play that, I saw Payday on their and I didnt play that. You sound retarted hating on 100 games and they are not all 360 games. And this has nothing to do with BC other than it opens up more game to be included. BC is for games you already have and making it so you can revisit older games you may not have got.

        BC wasnt suppose to make MS money and what is “enough”. They arent going out of business their money is up I dont know what you are getting at. I am an adult with money so I dont need to trade games in. I buy games and keep them. I am all digital this gen. If gaming is too expensive for you to be on the up and up you should think about a new hobby.

        • Youre only “all digital” because your Xbox One optical drive hardware is some unreliable disc reading error prone crap.

          • Hyperbole.


  2. Let the xbox hate start. You guys are too much. I get that you guys are Sony fanboys but Microsoft isn’t worried about Sony . Microsoft Real competition is Apple or Google. Sony is way to irrelevant.

    • No sugar. At this point Microsofts real competition is bankruptcy for the Xbox brand. They’re doing this out of desperation.

  3. And there you have it folks. The future. Xbox as a service. They have
    now just totally thrown in the towel and conceded to Sony. This service
    is now being offered under duress, as an absolute last resort, a forced
    maneuver so to speak. Subscription based gaming is now the new business
    model on Xbox thanks to EA, and their EA Access subscription model.

    The question is do you get to keep your games if the service expires? Of course not.

    So this is why they changed their goals from worrying about their falling
    game sales numbers to focusing on Xbox Live engagement? The Xbox One was
    clearly not selling entirely enough games. They also couldn’t continue
    to allow Gamestop to keep killing their “new games” sales profit margin.
    It all factors in. Wow. This is a truly desperate last ditch attempt to
    keep the brand alive. LOL. Have you ever downloaded a digital game on
    an Xbox One?? It could take weeks.

  4. The article is right on all points. What’s the use of a Game Pass if the game you want to play is removed from the service?? It makes NO SENSE at all!

    If the library of games will always be there like Netflix then there’s somewhat of a value to Game Pass but at the moment it’s just a cash grab from Micro$oft.

  5. Jesus, did I ever make a good call backing away from writing for this site…

    Should rename yourselves

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