Why Gambling is Important in Video Games

Gambling is not necessary in any game, but it can be effective, and is sometimes needed in a certain setting. There’s always different rewards presented in video games that also show different levels of this gambling system that can easily show how it is possible to win or lose at a cost.

The first example is in Intelligent System’s Fire Emblem series. The series is known by its tactical strategy RPG system, where players control an army of characters through different levels that become increasingly challenging. In some levels, there is an Arena where players can send their units and wager on whether they will win the fight or not. If the player wins, they gain experience, which can help them level up and get stronger, as well as earn double the money they wagered, as well as increase the wager for the next match.

However, a player can lose on two conditions: if their unit’s hp drops to zero, that unit dies, and cannot be brought back unless the player resets, or the player hits a button mid fight to end the battle and just takes the loss of money. Through this gamble, it shows the importance of how a player wants to proceed with their playthrough in order to gain the reward of a stronger character and money, or have the high risk of losing their character permanently.

Another example is a more contemporary and traditional form of gambling found in games like Grand Theft Auto, where there’s a designated area of with a bar or casino set for players to spend their money on a game of darts or cards. The games you can play in San Andreas casino are very like betting sites like bettingtop10 that you see online. In GTAV, players can participate in street races to wager their money on winning the race to possibly have a chance of being able to buy another property in game.

In GTA San Andreas, there’s a full casino found in one of the large areas, Las Venturas, which is based on Las Vegas, which can possibly provide a simulated experience of going to the real-life counterpart without having to pay real life money to attend, while still being given the “freedom of expression” that Grand Theft Auto is known for.

Finally, there’s a kind of compromise of the two aforementioned games in the classic Pokemon series. In Pokemon Generations 1 and 2, there existed Casinos, which held basic slot machines, where players could trade in their in-game money for in game tokens to play. The risk was very low, and the rewards were very high, as they could provide you with Technical Machines for moves for Pokemon, or even rare Pokemon themselves.


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