Horizon Zero Dawn Version 1.03 Patch Is Live; What Does It Do?

Horizon Zero Dawn’s latest patch has gone live and fortunately, it will not take too much time away from taking down machines as it only comes in at small 227.9MB download.

And with a small download also comes a small list of patch notes as it only lists one change which is “multiple crash and progression fixes.”

How is Horizon Zero Dawn running for you after the latest patch? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. A small patch for someone who has fibre broadband lol. Someone stuck in a not-spot it took 30 minutes to download, a paltry 2.5mbps connection.

    • indeed

  2. Didnt fix shit

  3. The game has been mostly glitch free aside from the rare crash

  4. Haven’t had any of these issues. Even before the update.

  5. Had one crash on loading a save (didn’t corrupt) but seen the odd glitch now and then, nothing major.

  6. Had two crashes in the same area fighting same two dang Stalkers. I had to quit after that but after a few hours it worked fine again and I rekt them with no problems

  7. I noticed that when I installed the update a message came up saying the application has changed the resolution, I’m playing on PS4 pro on 4K TV. In my opinion it looks a bit crisper but maybe that’s just the slowed down panning camera giving that effect. Not sure

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