How Does Nintendo Switch’s 80,000 Units Sold In Its Opening Weekend Compare To Past Nintendo UK Launches

The Nintendo Switch has been reported to have sold 80,000 units in the UK for its opening weekend. The sales are strong, and if true, it will be one of their most successful launches in the last 16 years. Although 80,000 would mean it didn’t beat the monsters that were the Wii and 3DS, it still means it doubled the lackluster launch of the Wii U and also beat the Gamecube.

Here’s a look at past UK Nintendo launch sales in the last 16 years.

Game Boy Advance – 67,000 (2001)
Nintendo GameCube – 69,000 (2002)
Nintendo DS – 87,000 (2005)
Nintendo Wii – 105,000 (2006)
Nintendo 3DS – 113,000 (2011)
Nintendo Wii U – 40,000 (2012)
Nintendo Switch – 80,000 (2017)

Let us know in the comments section below with your thoughts about the early Nintendo Switch numbers for the UK.

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