Mass Effect Andromeda’s Producer Reveals How Limited Single Player Will Be With The EA Access Trial; Multiplayer Has No Limits

A producer for Mass Effect Andromeda called Fernando Melo has revealed how limited the EA Access trial will be for those who start playing the game starting from March 16th. He revealed that multiplayer will have no limits at all other than the 10 hour trial itself. Meaning you can play any of the modes and use any of the features for 10 hours without a limit.

Single player on the otherhand will have limits for what you can do within the 10 hour trial. Fernando confirmed that there will be a point in the game were you can not continue any further in single player. He also confirmed that exploration will be limited to just one planet, but that one planet can be fully explored also.

Do you think single player needed to be limited? With the developers already confirming a 25 hour+ campaign with Witcher 3 style, meaningful side quests on top of that, does there really need to be a limit on what you can do? Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments section below.

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  1. Well i don’t think there need to be a limit for Single Player cause its almost out and i believe the people can wait cause i could since its super close that day

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