Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Paid Map Pack Causes Major Fan Backlash; Costs More Than The Original DLC Map Pack

Is it 2016 all over again? Call Of Duty/Activision is once again under fire but this time it’s about the upcoming Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered DLC map pack. The map pack which is called “Variety Map Pack” and was also a DLC for the original game is going to be a paid DLC once again. Many are furious that Activision chose to make it a paid DLC again rather than a free DLC like many other developers do for remastered titles.

The complaints didn’t stop there as the DLC will actually cost more than it did when it released 9 years ago. The price for the map pack back in 2008 was $10 but it will now $14.99. It’s an extremely questionable decision by Activision, and one that has caused a lot of anger from the Call Of Duty fans with many disliking the trailer for the map pack which you can see below.


It is a strange choice to do this after all the hate that Call Of Duty got last year, and after it started to die down, it’s happening once again.

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  1. “It’s an extremely questionable decision by Activision”

    No, it’s not really. Activision is well aware of just how brain dead its customer base is.

    They’ve shown time, and time, and time, and time again, that they are willing to take it up the a**, and pay for effortless crap that should be free, and considered as product support like “dlc” used to be. You made your bed…..

    More power to Activision. Keep bending them over.

  2. All the criticism for Activision Being Greedy pieces of shit, has gone back and forth to funny, not funny, ridiculous, expected, that it seems like it’s lost all relevance.
    it’s a foregone conclusion that they’re just not going to pull their fangs out until the carcass stops twitching.
    the only way to stop them is to stop buying their stuff.
    And the only reason the next Call of Duty is going back to grounded combat, is because those plans were already made, and that game was already in development before they even showed the trailer for infinite Warfare,
    it isn’t the result of them responding to their customers.
    they could give a shit.(NOT)…

    • @CaseyMcNeely:disqus

      And the only reason the next Call of Duty is going back to grounded combat, is because those plans were already made, and that game was already in development before they even showed the trailer for infinite Warfare,
      it isn’t the result of them responding to their customers.

      Given the softening in sales for COD this is exactly a response to the customers. A lack of sales is customer feedback.

      I am not of the opinion that Activision doesn’t give a shit, they just feel their brand has more value than you or I are willing to give them. Some of their fans still feel they have this value, some have left COD for other games. Activision is a very successful publisher because of how well they have positioned their value in the past. The problem is other competitiors are making a better case for their value and Activision hasn’t adequately responded.

      This cash grab is likely a direct result of the poor sales (compared to previous entries) and a desperate attempt to maintain value to the stock holders. While you and I can agree this isn’t wise, I disagree that they don’t give a shit. I think Activision just had too many eggs in the COD basket. Destiny’s delays and issues did not help, but Destiny did make Activision and Bungie a pretty penny. Activision needs to diversify their game line up more that way they wouldn’t have to lean so heavily into their cash cows.

      • I Have to tell you, you just made my argument for me,
        My point is I was a Activision doesn’t give a shit, and they don’t.
        we are a revenue stream to them. there’s no pride in what they make, it’s a product, and that’s just how they look at it as a publisher.
        there are other Publishers, outside of developers ,who see it quite differently, they don’t work a Revenue stream philosophy and nothing else,and be the fact that they’re going back to “grounded, traditional, Combat, and that will be the title that releases this year, means that as such time the infinite Warfare trailer was shown, this year’s edition of Call of Duty was already WELL into development. it was just the next thing in the pipe, has nothing to do with customer demand. they’ll just be hitting it, instead of missing it this time…
        The whole charging 50% more for a remastered map pack than when it originally released speaks for itself.

  3. Can’t even play remastered version without buying it as package deal for over 100.00 Canadian anyway. Run the game through a couple filters and charge people up the yin yang for it is the norm these days. Look at Prototype 1 and 2. Who was responsible for that mess?? Ideas for games, music, etc these days seem to elude people these days so they use something old and popular and ride on someone else’s back.

    • @disqus_0RsGb13ocK:disqus

      While Prototype 1 and 2 weren’t huge sellers 3 – 4 million collectively they did score metacritic scores in the high 70s. The bundle somehow scored far worse. LOL

      In terms of bad games there have been FAR worse than Prototype. The fact is not all studios are as talented as RockStar. Mileage will vary, but overall the quality of games has increased in my lifetime. Some of us lived through the Atari 2600 age and even the mighty NES had quite a bit of shovelware on it. Both systems had brilliant games but both had their share of obvious cash-in games that didn’t offer an original idea at all.

  4. I was pretty sure they said the remaining maps were FREE before this happened.

    • @Zero3x:disqus

      The nice thing about the internet is it is a great record keeper. Why don’t you produce the link that proves your claims instead of just making claims unsubstantiated?

      Google is an asset in this situation. That is if you are really interested in the truth and are intellectually curious.

      Not to take up for Activision, but buy little Activision software.

  5. Buy Battlefield 1?

  6. I’m still waiting to actually be able to buy Modern Warfare. Can’t believe it’s not standalone yet.

  7. Cause their loyal fanbase is so dumb that they keep giving whatever Activision asks, thats why they keep asking for more. Activision doesn’t deserve them but they do desrve Activision.

  8. Stop buying this garbage…

  9. At any price, paying for DLC will continue as enough idiots pay into it.

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