5 Reasons Why Xbox Game Pass Is Better Than PlayStation Now

Last week Microsoft dropped the news that they are going to be offering a game pass for Xbox some time this spring, if you’re in the Xbox Insider Program you should already have access to it. The way it’s going to work is for $10.00 a month in the U.S. you get access to the game pass catalog that includes Xbox 360 games that will run on the Xbox One, and Xbox One titles, and like Netflix titles will rotate in, while others will rotate out of the catalog.

The first thing I really like about the game pass is unlike Playstation Now, the games are downloaded to your console, and not streamed, this solves a big problem if you have internet issues. I really prefer having the games loaded on my console, you just end up having fewer problems.

Another thing that I like about the Xbox Game Pass, is the mix of old, and newer games where Playstation Now only lets you access older games. I don’t often go back, and play last gen games so having access to Xbox One titles is definitely something I’m interested in more than the older stuff.

As far as price goes both programs cost about the same price per month, but when comparing the two just on what I have seen from Microsoft, I think the game pass is a better deal, due to the fact it includes newer games in the catalog. Also if you choose to buy a title that’s in game pass catalog you buy it at a discount, similar to what EA does when you buy a game with EA Access on Xbox, in fact the game pass program looks a lot like EA Access only on a larger scale.

Speaking of EA Access, if you combine the game pass with EA Access you could game on a really cheap budget. I’m sure the game pass catalog will get larger over time, and EA adds new titles to Access on a regular basis, not to mention that new EA games usually have a 10 hour trial, and if you buy the game using Access you get a discount. Also it’s my understanding that DLC for games in the game pass catalog will also be discounted.

One thing that I like about the pass is that I think it will be make gaming with friends easier, for example say if I want to play a game in the game pass catalog with a friend if we have the game pass all we have to do is download the game.

The game pass is an interesting product, it’s basically a games version of Netflix for the Xbox. I think right now the game pass is more targeted at the casual gamer, and not the more hardcore, the reason I say this, is because I don’t think you will seen brand new releases in the catalog right away, so you would either have to wait to see if a new title eventual ends up in the pass catalog, or just go buy the game on release. I do see me using it to play something that when it came out for one reason or another I didn’t get to play it on release, and if it’s in the catalog go back, and play it. For example I saw Perfect Dark Zero in the catalog, and have been wanting to play it for awhile so I downloaded it using the game pass. If you wondering if the game pass will require Xbox Live Gold it won’t but of course if you want to play online multiplayer you will have to have it.

As things stand right now I probably won’t be buying the game pass, but I would like to see an option where if you paid a little more for Xbox Live Gold it was included, say like a XBL plus type of thing, if that were an option I would probably buy into it.

What do you think of the Game Pass? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I’m so tired of people saying this is a “Xbox version of Netflix” it’s not. Netflix allows you to stream to console or device. Xbox game pass let’s you download. PS Now is closer to being like Netflix.

    Everyone forgets that Gamefly Exists. Gamefly for a monthly fee lets you play games from a wide catalog. if anything Xbox Game Pass is just like Gamefly except the Delivery time will be so much better.

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