Project Scorpio Is A Must Win For The Xbox Brand

Project Scorpio is a must win for Xbox.  It is a widely held belief, that the PS4 Pro is a more powerful console, and exclusive developers like Naughty Dog (Uncharted series) and Guerilla (Horizon Zero Dawn) put that power on show with AAA games in a way that the Xbox has been unable to do outside the more niche racing genre with games like Forza Horizon 3.  Even if the consoles were equal in power, the lack of huge exclusive titles for the Xbox means that fewer developers are really pushing the envelope for the platform.  This is a big problem for Microsoft, and one they need to address with Project Scorpio if the console’s awesome power is going to make a difference in the global market.  

More troubling for Microsoft, is the recent resurgence of Japanese games.  Why is this an issue?  Well Japan notoriously does not care about the Xbox, or rather, Microsoft has failed to appeal to that player base.  The recently canceled Scalebound, which was going to be an exclusive for Xbox, further puts them behind in terms of Japanese developers on their platform.  A healthy Japanese developer scene will likely make Sony more powerful.

Some would argue that the ancillary services and features of the Xbox like backwards compatibility and PC cross Xbox games make it a better service offering than Sony’s, but that won’t mean anything if they can’t get exclusive games to show off their new console.  The further they get behind in customer base, the less attractive the console is for developers.

Scorpio being more powerful is important, but without software really showing that off, it may fall down out of the gate. There has been alot of talk lately from Xbox about indie games in development for their platform, and while these are important for library, they won’t likely cause people to buy the console unless we see Astroneer take off like Minecraft did or if Ooblets becomes as popular as Stardew Valley.

Now that Nintendo’s switch has come out, it is more imperative than ever to offer something unique.  Building for just pure power won’t do enough to win over fans of the other consoles.  Nintendo has shown that power isn’t everything, but they have done so by being unique.

Nintendo’s continued dominance of the portable space remains unquestioned.  Sony had a chance with the PSP and Vita systems, buy failed to support them adequately.  Sony actually had a leg up on Nintendo and beat them to ideas like remote play, but again failed to actually support the technology and thus wasted their chance at success in that space.

I loved my PSP.  It was a lifesaver aboard the USS Enterprise during the Iraq war.  Capable of playing movies, ebooks, web browsing as well as having ad-hoc multiplayer we could take advantage of.  I fondly remember playing SOCOM in the middle of CATC while waiting for our F-18s to come back from their sorties.  People shouting obscenities at well aimed grenade tosses, or whispering tactics as the opposing force attempted to flank the dug in defenders.  It was an awesome device, and held such promise, but Sony seemed to be content with allowing it to wither.  It is no surprise that when the platform holder doesn’t take the platform seriously, neither will third party developers.  We’ve seen Nintendo’s last few consoles struggle to get third party developers, yet survive because of Nintendo’s own devotion to the console and their first party games.  Time will tell if the Switch sees similar growing pains, but if Microsoft is going to really take the lead, they will have to offer something that only they can provide:  deeper Windows 10 integration.

They have recently shown their interest in marrying the console and PC markets by supporting Xbox Play Anywhere games which seamlessly allow you to play games on either platform and having all of your content synced on both.  So I think the next logical step is to take that integration further by connecting your PC and console in a distributed computing type setup.  It would then be possible to share the resources of your PC and offload some physics calculations or AI routines to free the console to use its power on graphics and user input alone.  With a marriage between the PC OS and Xbox graphics and CPU, even a modeling PC can be used to enhance your Xbox games.  

This may seem far fetched, but Microsoft has spoken before about using their cloud computing platform Azure to handle the physics of crumbling buildings in the next Crackdown game, which would send and receive data across the internet.  Home networks have at least 10x faster speeds within the LAN, and having the Xbox One OS and Windows 10 OS being designed to interact in this fashion would make any lag unnoticeable.

Almost everyone has a PC, and because of Microsoft’s huge Windows 10 push, this tech could be made available to a huge swath of gamers.  I’d love to see the interaction go both ways, allowing people with subpar PC’s able to offload the graphics to the Scorpio and be able to play games like World of Warcraft or Civ 6 on their PC when normally they’d never be able to.

Unless Microsoft has something like this up their sleeves, I am worried about this new console.  So yes, Scorpio is a must win.  Lack of first party games exclusively designed to showcase the Scorpio and no unique offerings outside of power will kill the console at launch.

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  1. There isn’t a single doubt that the Scorpio with its power will be a win for MS in the hardware department.

    However win you talk about winning over customers it all boils down to software and that is where Sony and even Nintendo’s superior talent comes into play with exclusives.

    Nintendo just proved with the new Zelda that hardware only partially matters whether or not a game is great.

    • Nintendo is really great but Sony is not. Sony launched just 2 more exclusive games in 2017 than Microsoft, it doesnt make Playstation the best console in the Market mainly because Gravity Rush 2 and yazuka were not well accepted by consumers.

      • Now see this is part of MS’ problem. Too focused on heavy hitters as opposed to taking some risk and making a little something for everyone. You just made my point.


        • They actually had sunset overdrive and recore that were fresh and innovative but they didn’t connect with high sales despite the fact that they were rather good games.

          • Doesn’t mean that MS should quit trying. The first Killzone and Uncharted weren’t all that successful either.

          • I’m not saying for them to quit I’m just saying they are trying. I’m sure they have other series coming out. I just wished they would continue some of the ones they already have that aren’t halo/gears of war.

          • I sure hope that they have other series coming out soon. Make no mistake about it they are the last in line when it comes to having/investing in talented studios.

            Will a more powerful console suddenly make them better at what they have been lacking in? We’ll see.

          • Yes, and MS wont commit to those again. Meanwhile Sony do commit with niche games like the last guardian or gravity rush.

        • I think something serious went wrong with Scalebound, but that doesnt mean MS is not going to invest in other new games. MS already has a line up for 2017 so they can’t just develop new games for now in a blink of eyes. Certainly they are working on new games. Im not interested in 2018 games cause im still in 2017, lets focus on 2017.

        • I do know may games and I reitarate, Uncharted is boring and Gears is good.

          • ? only in your brain. But you are so lost in your lies that you can’t even follow a conversation.

            I never said anything about uncharted or gears, just showed you evidence of the then, TEN not two (as you lied) ten more exclusives ps4 had last year over x1.

            You are building quite a liar reputation.

          • lol your lies do not have limits …

            Some people are asking me to ignore you because you’re a liar and won’t stop.

  2. Scorpio will be like the xbox 360 was before they when crazy with kinect.

  3. MS doesn’t have the skills to produce high-fidelity titles like Sony anyways.

    F*ck anyone who buys an Xbox over PS4. Loving H:ZD btw, much better than the overhyped Zelda: BotW game.

    • You’re talking about that overhyped tomb raider clone? Lmfao oohhh kaaayyy

  4. Xbox for sure is the best gaming system ever. Those who own one love it. Ps4 has nothing good to offer, just the same boring games like yazuka and Gravity rush.

    • You keep repeating the same lies, but those are soo removed from reality that no one cares and no one believe them!

      • You keep crying on Xbox… do youself a favor, buy one and be happy.

        • Obviously he’s jealous that we have Xboxs and he doesn’t. Shoot I bought one for my niece for her birthday so she can play overwatch with the rest of the family.

          • Not even debating just arguing, and I cant believe this is what keeps the hype up for weeks at a time then they release more info and it starts all over again.

            Why cant he love Xbox, it is an opinion, and you cant tell people how to think. I love gaming and all I have is time (retired and paralyzed) so I play on every system, does that make me wrong? Sorry that is rhetorical.

            There are Pros and Cons to every system (yes even PC), so why cant gamers admit to it and move on. Yes PS has more games, and the PS4 is a great piece of hardware, please note I did not say the Pro was at least not yet. Yes there are more “exclusives” this season than Xbox/UWP has but if you wanted to compare them one to one, then Xbox/UWP would win. These are just facts but what makes or breaks a console is how you feel about it, yes it is affected by the hardware and software but if you don’t feel good about your system then get a new one.

            Now to my earlier comment about the Pro. The Pro’s so called “Boost” and new Firmware, it states that the “Boost” will not work on every game and for some games needs to be turned off so the Pro will run as a regular PS4 to operate those games. What is up with that did Sony get lazy, so why did I buy a Pro, mostly for the extra power (and 4K but we will get to that) so how many games wont work, we don’t know yet but obviously enough that they had to put it in the firmware update notes, enough to say games and to tell us how to run the games that wont work. Now to the 4K, even 4K@30fps games have issue on the Pro, dropping frames like bread crumbs in a fairytale and then longer load times, Skyrim even loads out in the open even in a battle, this is without mods, yes that sucks but Sony promised us 4K so they have to have some run even if they have to compromise. Sony owns the tech for the 4K Blu-ray drive, but where is it at in the Pro, its not, and if that was not bad it is in the Xbox One S. So Sony owns the tech choses not to use it but a competitor dose, something is off about that, considering a major selling point of the Pro was the Power and 4K. Now to the VR, which I compare to one step away from Phone VR. So one screen Phone VR and Sony VR, they both have decent res and refresh rate thou the later could be improved, Phone VR is not wired most the time PS VR is, Phone and Sony VR use internal motion sensing (such as tilt left right up down) but PS VR uses the PS Eye so added cost, for VR (we don’t talk about cost unless someone wants to say well how much will Scorpio cost, when consoles always sell at or below cost to produce, being hardware and assembly Only) So with the PS Eye as the only outside sensor you can turn and look but not turn around, it is wired so turning is not exactly and option, but for PC VR moving around some is part of the fun. (yes I am paralyzed but if you read the entire manual those with mobility issues can use an office chair to get the turn around part, or you could just ask someone like Oculus how to get the VR experience with your type of disability) With all of these issues did Sony get lax because the PS4 put them on top of console gaming, heck I think they got lazy and fell asleep.

            Sony and the PS4 Pro’s firmware update, already said about the games but why cant all games work on it now, I know they will eventually fix it. I believe that because Sony/PS never works on backward compatible games that they where not ready to, nor did they have the experience to make a more powerful system with higher clock speeds (PS4 Pro) that would still let games optimized for a less powerful console (PS4) run. Games on consoles are optimized for the hardware and the hardware’s capabilities so changing the hardware or the capabilities is not always easy, as Xbox found you have a few ways to make them compatible, one being the hardware the other being emulation or software compatible, turning the boost off, is almost a software compatibility because it uses the software to turn the system down, taking away the advantage of the extra power. See I say this because I wonder what they are going to do when they turn the system’s power up. The Pro’s hardware is capable of more just how much more, we don’t know taking the system to 8tf is possible but the Pro don’t have the ram for it. For a PC to hit 4K@60fps it only takes 6tf and 256gb/s, I built one myself so I would know for sure. (I know someone else did it and put it on YouTube I don’t care for YouTube I never use it unless someone I trust tells me I should see something) So if the Pro can do 8tf it can do 6tf but easier, now to the ram it can run at 218gb/s but it needs 256gb/s (if it was a PC, console and PC architectures are different normally consoles need a bit less to hit the same res as a PC) to be able to do easily , give or take about 10gb/s. So can the Pro do that with 8gb of gddr5 ram, no not really even sacrificing well everything and even then I don’t see it hitting 256gb/s, just a hardware basic. Can the Pro ever get 4K to work without issues even at 30fps yes I think it can. The Pro running 4K@30fps (without any issues) is a possibility if Sony wanted to push the system some more but at what cost, not all games work with the boost now, so what will they sacrifice to run new games (or even the past released) 4K games made to run at 30fps for the Pro. I really do love gaming and hardware but Sony did not have their heart in it when they made the Pro, not with these issues, I wished my Pro worked better than it dose, as I know it can but they need to wake-up, or pull their heads out of their @$$#$, just because the PS4 did so well don’t mean they can take a break. Now the PS5, PS would lose all their game library because once again, PS never thinks about backwards compatibility, I can see it releasing in 2 maybe 3 years at the most but not 1 year, all of those great exclusives (yes some are great some not so much) would be gone. Honestly when it comes to backward compatible games, I think it is great when a new game in a series is about to release I love going back and playing that series from the start, without getting my Xbox 360 out but with PS I have to get my PS3 out or my PS2 and so on. I have every console that has ever been made, counting handhelds, I did say I love gaming, I even have older PC’s like the Commodore 64, no floppy not even the big one it used a tape deck as its drive, no hard-drive either just the tapes, and if you was smart when you typed in a game correctly you saved it to the tapes, which could be damaged by anything head, sunlight, cold, water or humidity and the tape was useless.
            Anyway gaming and who is on top (not necessarily who sells more) changes all the time, from one quarter to the next, yes PS has done a great job, until the Pro (my opinion and a bit of fact from the hardware and software capabilities) but why argue, debating is fine however in a debate you have to admit the possibility that you maybe wrong.

            Arguing with an idiot however (no matter who it is or what side their on) no one can tell which is the idiot and which is just arguing. (version of an old saying where I live)

        • I’m happy! You are liying!

          PS4 has MANY 2017 exclusiveS, xbox DOESN’T!

          See? truth is easy and simple!

          • I’m tired of getting alerts to your insane posts blocked.

          • what do you mean blocked?

            And why insane? what insane thing have I said?

          • Oh, man… fantasy… unreal…

            … you need help.

          • ??? feel cornered? With good reason.

            If it’s all fantasy, tell me all those many xbox exclusives released this year.

            Come on liar! Prove me wrong!

          • You want my attention… Oh, what a shame (rsrs). How many times do I have to repeat the same things? I’m tired of you, liar.

            But every chance I get I will remember you and all your victims here about the misinformation you like to spread. You’re a liar.

            Keep crying, liar.

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          • Do you really believe in your own lies? LOL

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            “…. yes, Alice, you are right. Be cool….”


            “… PS4 Pro runs every game on native 4K, PS4 has the best AAAAA games like Yakuza 0 and Gravity Rush 2…. by the way, blockbusters. Everything is perfect on Playstation and in-house Sony…”

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            Dream on, Alice.

          • Ps4 has more power, more games and better exclusives than xbox. PERIOD!

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          • Alice?!? Come back to the real world!! Step away from the Bunny! LOL Hahahahaaha

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          • While Alice sleeps, ps4 is owning xbrick! Perdedor ?

          • Look Perdedor, nier is already out and out scoring 99.5% of xbrick exclusives!

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          • Soon people will be able to play those low quality games from Sony on PC… =/ more victims…

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          • And now $ony is killing Ps4, good news for gamers!

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          • Well, its about to happen, just wait a little bit more. Are you gonna play the ex-clusive HZD? I doubt you will.

          • Tell you what, as soon as it happens Ill reply you a text saying PEDROVNONE WAS RIGHT! AND I WAS WRONG! How about that? I wont even ask you to comit to do the same.

            I will play the EXCLUSIVE (current, total not just console exclusive, already released) HZD, but I’ll finish Nioh first (it really takes time).

          • It will happen sooner or later. 2017 is still at the beginning and you like to say PS4 is the best of the year, not the same on the PS Now? It’s official!

          • Do you know that all ps4 games will be on psnow? how many? how recent?

            Until you do, Its not official!

            I believe its a service for those interested in some sony exclusives but not enough to buy the console, or some without enough money to buy many games each year, so I can see them putting ps4 games that don’t sell anymore killzone, second son, knack, the order, sure, but I dont believe for a second they will jeopardize the console sales by adding the flagships exclusives that are one of the biggest reasons to buy the console, so dont expect to see Uncharted 4 or Horizon anytime soon.

          • May be…

          • Jeesus! You really conjured all your brain power to come up with that answer, didn’t you?

            Well, until it happens you can celebrate. I mean, ps now doesn’t even have all ps3 exclusives…

          • I agree with you that Sony was reluctant to add games on PS Now before but now things may change. Sony was just waiting for XGP announcement, … I think this is an experiment for both and may have different results in each company. Let’s wait and see what happens.

          • I really don’t know what are sony’s plans for ps now, I believe That MS will start transition xbox from Being A console to be a pc service above all and that Sony would be the only one interested in consoles cycles to remain as they are, but that’s why releasing ps4 games on ps now puzzles me.

          • For sure MS is not going to obey console cycles anymore, but I still think they are gonna explore the console side, I mean they are still gonna offer devices dedicated to games. If Scorpio is a PC, so I’ll support it! It would be great. Even if limited to Windows Cloud after all it would come be cheaper (price reduced).

          • I’m not saying it will happen, but I that’s what I think. I believe Scorpio still see lower sales than x1, And MS (which has stayed Scorpio could be the last console) will eventually focus on having xbox on pc and mobile devices. but I could be wrong.

            We will know more when they finally reveal it.

            Can you believe, or think anyone could, we are discussing this so civilized after all the nonsense we said to each other?

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          • $ony is killing PS4 and its exclusivity… This is fact! LOL

          • Yeah right! let me know as soon as it really happens perdedor!

            Love to see how desperate xbots are that the only possible succes for the brick is if PS4 ceased to exist! LOL

          • Xbox is already a success, no need to surpass PS4 in numbers. On the other hand, Sony struggle to keep the company alive.

            dream on,

          • Really? I guess success is relative. Last gen was because it was selling more than ps3, this gen they changed it to “its selling less than ps4 but its still a success because its outselling 360” now that its not outselling 360 anymore…maybe there are more shoots being fired every friday between 6 to 8pm?

            Yeah! you all seem to celebrate whenever sony a finantial strugle, despite the fact that it hasnt posted a loss in the last 2 years, but I guess sony going down its the only hope left for a MS console to survive. I wonder if you all think that even if Sony went down as a whole, no one would separate the playstation division thats incredibly profitable…hmmm.

          • PlayStation had a Great year last year, however it was the only division of Sony to increase profits. This can be good and bad (not counting hardware at all yet) but if a company does poorly as a whole, they tend to be a bit more stingy with funds and as we know “exclusives” are paid for by the company that wants it. So, Sony could lower spending across the board for divisions, however because of PS doing good when the rest of the company is not, Sony may put more into PS. Most the time companies lower spending across the board, if the Pro was not put out or if it did not have the issues it has, then maybe PS could handle a budget cut.

            Now all the success that PS has had with the PS4 is amazing, however the Pro has stalled the momentum allot, they could recover quickly but they need to fix some of the issues with the Pro before they can even do anything big, beyond the Pro that is. (So no PS5 no for at least 3 years if Sony is smart)

            The issues with the Pro, the Pro itself is not bad however the OS and game optimization is horrible. First lets go over the 4K promises that PS gave us with the Pro, yes it can run just enough to say it can do 4K but only @30fps, with it dropping fps like bread crumbs in a fairytale. So poor fulfillment in Promises for 4K. The Pro can run faster (only the hardware now) much faster than 4.2tf and 218gb/s, well ok the 4.2tf could go higher but the 218gb/s cant go up much, so why has PS not raised the power to get their 4K@30fps games working correctly? (rhetorical) The answer lays in the firmware updates for the “boost mode” where it says the power increase is not compatible with all games and should be turned off so the Pro operates as a regular PS4, so now you lose the power you got the Pro for. What could be so hard about taking an older game and running it on a more powerful system, Xbox dose that all the time, it is called backward compatibility, something PS has never really done. Making a leap in power from the PS4 to the PS4 Pro was an amazing thing to do but PS just did not think it though, just like Xbox did not think through the Xbox One and its hardware, using eSRam was good but the gddr3 ram was the major mistake, just like the Pro’s OS something that can’t handle games optimized for one set of hardware running on another.

            PS and Xbox will always compete with each other, even if they don’t admit to it, and gamers will compete openly, but the best way to debate a system, a console or the companies that make them and the games is to look at them from inside. So a PS gamer cant say PS is superior unless they are a current Xbox, Nintendo and PC gamer, you could say you prefer and list reasons. I play across the board, I love gaming Xbox and PS both have a tendency to get lazy when they are doing well, PS is doing great but it is because of the PS4 not the Pro, Xbox has had growth every year (something they are proud of) yes having growth and sells are close but their not the same. Sells only shows how many bought your console (something very little profit is made on, normally sold at or below cost) and sells are good, great even but mean very little if you don’t have the structure in place to operate them. Growth is good too, it means little with out sells, but with growth you are building a foundation, Xbox uses their own servers, instead of having consoles hosting games or having to pay outside resources for servers, something PS dose. PS shares their server’s power, PS pays out of profits, and % of download fees to lease the servers. So sells with out growth, or growth with out sells means very little but PS has the sells hands down, but little internal growth, Xbox has what 45% of the world consoles PS has 52% as of now or so (it was a survey not that I put much stock in them) but Xbox also has growth consistently not just in Xbox users but in the infrastructure that supports Xbox One.

            Both have flaws, and their easy to see, if you look. Most people are blind however, cant see the flaws on their preferred system, but want to point out the flaws in another without really knowing the system. Xbox hopefully will fix allot of theirs with Project Scorpio and the upcoming firmware update. PlayStation hopefully will fix the Pro and give gamers what they promised with it, not just the 4K or the games not working with the power difference, but opening up the Pro to do more than it can now.

          • “…despite the fact that it hasnt posted a loss in the last 2 years…’

            Oh, it happened some months ago… in the last quarter. Sony explores other products and services, in addition to the Playstation that is supporting the entire organization. So If the Playstation brand fails, the whole company falls.

            The transition from one generation of consoles to another is always somewhat risky, soon we will have news about the PS5 and this console will put Sony at zero again. The Scorpio is a new generation that comes before its time, however it puts an end in console generations. The Xbox One will endure for decades as it will always receive games through the UWP. Scorpio, PCs Family and NS are strong threats to Sony now.

          • Kind of a rebuttal, or correction, Project Scorpio is not a next Gen, anything, it is a current gen but improved (kind of like the Pro). The most basic way to explain it is, if you have a Windows PC and you change the ram, the video card and the CPU is it still a Windows PC? yes it is and it will remain a Windows PC until you change the OS. Project Scorpio is a UWP console just as the Xbox One is, so changing the power still leaves it in the same family as the Xbox One and not in a new gen of consoles as we normally see them. Yes it is a big jump in power but so is the Pro, the pro jumps form 1.84tf to 4.2tf and such a big jump has never been seen inside of a console generation before, normally it would be from gen to gen that we would see this kind of jump, so Xbox is making a bigger jump. So Project Scorpio is the same gen as the Xbox One just an upgraded version.

            Sony last year only had one division that increased the Profits as compared to last year, that was the PlayStation division, in business there is only one thing worse than not growing and that is loss. Being stagnate is a bad thing and is normally followed with careful spending, because no increase in cash flow means no new projects. (most of the time)

            Xbox One/UWP is an amazing thing but bringing consoles games back and forth from PC is fine, but with Project Scorpio I see PC games going into that loop as well. Think about it Win10 Gaming is just Xbox gaming on PC so why shouldn’t all Win10 games come to Project Scorpio same OS and it has the power, MS already has the permissions.

            Big issues being PS5, it would be a mistake for PS to put out a PS5 in response to Project Scorpio, before they fix the issues of the Pro. The Pro runs at 4.2tf could run faster and at 218gb/s still could run faster but not by much, however PS cant get all their games on PS4 to run on the Pro’s “boost mode” it even says so in the firmware update notes and it says that the “boost mode” should be turned off so that the Pro runs as a regular PS4. So they are having issues with getting all their games running on higher-end hardware, running games optimized for lower-end hardware on higher-end hardware, it kind of sounds like backward compatibility to me. So if Xbox can do it why cant PS, run games optimized for slower systems to run on faster systems, Project Scorpio has promised that all Xbox One games and accessories will run on it. Now we move to the Pro’s 4K ability or inability, when PS first announced the Pro they said it would run 4K games they kept telling use this but when it released even running 4K@30fps was hard for the Pro, it dropped fps like breadcrumbs in a fairytale. The Pro could do more but it has a hard time with the power it has now. I don’t see PS putting out a PS5 for 2 or 3 years first they need to fix the Pro for us then the really need to see how Project Scorpio dose (so they have an idea of the Xbox Two, hopefully still a UWP) before they start working on a PS5, they also need to work on their VR, really it is almost phone VR but wired and it uses the PS Eye. Great product the Pro just wish they would work on the bugs before moving to something new. However it is their mistake to make we just have to live with it.

          • No, it has seen ups and downs on the profits but has seen profits, in the ps3 era they were on red numbers for years, that has not happened anymore.

            You are getting ahead of yourself, All sony needs to do with PS5 (and this is key) is make it backwards compatible and that will carry a huge portion of its users, considering how they didnt make the same mistake they did with ps3 and made ps4 with a PC like architecture I have to believe ps5 will be BC, but I will not make that claim until Sony does it.

            You are right with scorpio, it is a new gen a little sooner than it should, but (even if you dont care about them) it has no exclusives, and it will be expensive (in the console price range). So, other than xbox enthusiasts, theres no real reason yet to other users to jump in.

            It will put an end to xbox generations, you cant say that unless sony and nintendo follow suit.

            Xbox as a console brand wont be around that much, but I do believe that it will endure as part of the PC gaming ecosystem.

            Pc has allways been a threat to sony, nintendo with a system that cant run AAA 3rd parties not so much and I believe Scorpio will not sell any better than xbox one, I could be wrong, but I dont think anyone but PC and sony themselves can take Playstation down.

          • For sure, all companies (Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft) profited every year. When you hear that a company ‘had losses’, this means that it did not profit that predicted, in other words, it did not reach the ‘goal’. Certainly Sony is healthy…

            About Scorpio I think you are wrong, every Xbox exclusive is also an Xbox Scopio exclusive. As I said to you before, all games announced by MS for Windows 10 are available only on Xbox system. And, here, “You are getting ahead of yourself” because We don’t know what the future holds, E3 will tell us what to expect. People not interested to play on PC can get interest in Scorpio. Im an exemple… There are many people who can not cope with the complexity of a PC. One thing is for sure, MS wants to sell you its games, its their focus now. This year Scorpio will be too expensive so it may not reach that high sales, but the time goes by and the price will be reduced.

            In an interview, last year, the so called “sony’s engineer” stated that he still believes in console generation and probably 3 years later we would know more about PS5. So, may be you are wrong… may be Sony wishes to make more money renting you Ps4 games via PS Now from now on and the back Ward compatible thing will stay out of plans for PS5 in order to make this work… who knows?

          • I know about all about backwards and forward compatibility, but my claim about the lack of exclusives is Regarding Pc, Scorpio holds zero exclusives against pc, so yeah, people not wanting to play on pc (like us) can choose Scorpio… Or ps4/ps4 pro, it will always be cheaper than Scorpio and it will have exclusives against Pc, that’s a good competitive advantage!

            Yes, we don’t know what E3 will show, but we know that halo 6 of gears 5 Won’t be released this year. And there’s only so many games MS can announce and release this year. And sony will also have E3, but regardless of what anyone announce at E3, ps4 has already a ton of announced aaa exclusives.

            I also believe Sony wants to maintain the console generation circle, and that they will release ps5 in a couple of years. But I am completely confident that they won’t put their best exclusives on ps now. That would not make any sense, unlike Ms or Nintendo, Sony does want the things to remain as they are.

          • I think Sony will not add games simultaneously on the PS4 and PS Now, I believe it will work as it works on EA access. Only after a year or so, players buy games at launch on consoles, but not on PC. See as an example the recent news about the indie game ‘Rise and Shine’, the developer claimed that it hit best sales on Xbox one than it did on PC, and he explained that this is because players don’t buy at launch on PCs. I think this is one of the reasons MS wants to explore both. Maybe Gow4 and FH3 sales can still grow as players advance to new games on PC platform.

          • I think so too, but I would think more than 2 years.

            But, what makes you think players would advance to new games on pc? I believe they wait for games to get cheaper so what would change that? Specially with services like Ea access and ps now! BTW, the new service MS announced, will it be just on x1 or will it also come to pc?

  5. First about the exclusives yes Xbox has lowered them but there is not really that big of a difference this year, and for PS and Xbox it changes most every year who has more. The only reason anyone said anything is because of what happened with Scalebound, if there would of been no drama there very few would have said anything at all. Now if you compare the two list there is not that big a difference, yes there is one and I do think that Xbox should of had a back up but we don’t know they might have.

    Now I do believe it needs to be a good and smooth release, but it is not going to be a big issue if there are a few hiccups along the way. Phil Spencer himself said he expects to sell more Xbox One S than he dose of the Scorpio Console. This tells me that Xbox is not trying to let everything ride on how well Scorpio dose, granted if it dose well then it would be better for the company and if not well someone is getting fired. But none of it rides on how much they try to give gamers or how long they will be in business or even if they will do another console after this one. Most of the analyst everyone is quoting, but quoting only the bad, have said that the true potential of Project Scorpio will not be seen for years, and if Xbox gives it room to grow as they do other consoles then we could have a great console that will last for some time, however we will not know for sure until they release the specs.

    Now as to what they have up their sleeves, Win10 Gaming I can see going to Project Scorpio. The power of a PC on a UWP made for gaming, so why would Win10 Gaming not go to Scorpio, I see no tech issues with going most the software is compatible, being that Win10 Gaming is UWP and Project Scorpio will be UWP as well, I think it is just a matter of Xbox saying on we have been going to PC for how long, now it is time for PC to come to us.

    • Wrong! not really a difference this year???? x1 has only one exclusive PS4 already has 7!!! thats a 700% difference! It couldnt be bigger! excep of course when Persona 5 arrives!

  6. Thats too large to state the obvious!

  7. What did you guys think about the possibility of the scorpio and win 10 devices sharing resources locally? Is that too hard to develop for? Would you be interested in that functionality?

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