Upcoming PS4 Exclusives to Watch Out For

The PS4 is literally dominating the console market. The numbers show a significant lead over units shipped when compared to the Xbox One and the company recently announced that they have actually managed to outdo projected sales on their VR platform by close to 200% – 1 million units sold in less than a year! That’s one hell of an accomplishment and we already know the cause – great, games, line up.

Sure, the affordable (and might we add, great tech) goes a long way where VR is concerned but Resident Evil 7 sure did help in a large margin, helping people shit themselves while being chased by deranged red-necks.

On the more “traditional” gaming platform, Horizon: Zero Dawn, the newest IP under Sony’s exclusive belt, is also doing great. It is No.1 seller in the UK surpassing even the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Now that’s some epic news right there. Sony is only warming up though. Later this year, we have a whole slew of awesome exclusive to play with. And for those of you, who have a craving for something even more traditional, try free horse racing tips on sbat.com!

The Last of US Part II

The sequel that Naughty Dog said they weren’t going to make because, well… the game’s story is concluded. PFFT! Yeah right. 10+ million copies sold say otherwise, baby! We are getting a sequel and Ellie is now all grown up and ready to kick some ass.

While we don’t even have a proper gameplay trailer yet, we can only hint at how gorgeous, haunting and addicting this game will be. Naughty Dog really delivered the first time around and people are still in shock and awe just what we can expect in the sequel.

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima is free from the tyranny that was Konami and is all out making weird as hell video games. This time he has a naked Norman Reedus holding a baby fetus on a beach, military dudes, ghosts, monsters and Mads Mickelsen looking terrifying as always. We know next to nothing just what this game is going to be about, but having so much talent in one place and Kojima at the helm, we can only expect nothing short of greatness.

A spiritual successor to the greatest militaristic franchise of all time – count us in.

God of War

Kratos looks a tad thinner, his beard is bushier, he sports a new woodsman axe and he has a son… probably. Oh, and he also moved far north and wants to continue killing Gods, preferably from another mythology,

The gameplay trailer from E3 2016 left everyone questioning – when is this going out and why can’t I play it right now!? Welp, we are probably going to find out this E3 and catch a lengthier and meatier glimpse of the game in action. Kratos is back for more and this time, well… let’s just say someone’s in for some serious ass whoopin!

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