Bloons Tower Defense 5 Review – Xbox One

I’ve had a long history with the Bloons Tower Defense series, it used to be a reason why I wouldn’t finish off that piece of work that I had to have ready in the morning. “One more game” I would say, and it would be a few hours later when I actually finished with the game. It was an incredibly addictive and fun strategy game that would give me hours of entertainment. I would eventually not go back to the series for a few years, but I was interested to try it out when I found there was a Bloons Tower Defense 5 on the Google Play store. I was hooked again to this series, and had wondered how it would play on consoles and I was more than happy to hear when the game was announced to be coming to the Xbox One.

If you’ve never played or even heard of Bloons Tower Defense before then the objective of the game is to top all the balloons that go around the track, and trying to not let any get through the exit of the track. Depending on the difficulty level, you’re allowed to let a certain amount of balloons to go through before it’s game over. It’s your job to   insert a wide range of towers throughout the track to make sure you can get all the balloons. There’s also many different balloon variations too with more appearing when you get further into the rounds.

Although I was excited for the release of the game on Xbox One, I had doubts also that this would work well as a console game. I had played the Android and PC versions of the game, and they allow for quick access and ease of use due to the mouse and touchscreen for both versions. The controller as you can expect will take a little extra time, but the menus are really well done, and are easy to use which makes it not too much of an issue over the easier to use versions. It’s a credit to the developers who have made sure to carefully port this game over to consoles knowing that it’s going to be the harder version to navigate through the options. With a game like Bloons, you need quick access to options, and thankfully you’ll get that with the Xbox One version too.

The addictive gameplay also shines with the Xbox One version, and is just as fun as the PC and Android versions that I had played prior to the console version. The fast pace action runs very smooth on the Xbox One, with no glaring issues even during the most demanding rounds of the game. As I said prior, I had my doubts with how Bloons TD 5 would run on the Xbox One and how it could work as a console game, but I’m completely sold on what I played, and I just want to finish this review as soon as possible so I can get back to popping balloons again!

Like the PC/Android versions I played in the past, there’s a lot of content to keep you busy for the low price of the game. There’s many maps to go through and to unlock by ranking up. There’s also a variation of modes and difficulties that really change up the games making it worth playing each map at least six times to play each version of that map. As you rank up, you will unlock modes such as Apopalypse (Yeah it’s a clever name) and Deflation which put a spin on the map like for example Apopalypse is just non stop balloons which tests how far you can get, and with Deflation you start at round 30, with $50,000 and can not earn anything else after that. It’s up to your wise placement of towers and use of money to get as far as possible with this obstacle.

The Final Verdict  

Overall Bloons Tower Defense on the Xbox One is a fantastic port of an already great and addictive game. Do not hesitate to try out this game just because it’s on a console, it’s a port that’s been greatly taken care of, and is just as easy to play as other version. Most importantly, it’s just as fun as the other versions, and is worth giving another try for the Xbox One.

+ Fun and addictive gameplay

+ Lots of content

+ Great port to console

Final Score: 9.5/10

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