Nintendo Switch Review – One Of The Best Nintendo Consoles Ever

The Nintendo Switch had caught my attention all the way back to when it was called just the “NX” with the rumors of the “NX” intriguing me after not being the biggest fan of Nintendo’s recent console releases. Then the release of the first Nintendo Switch trailer really sold me on the idea of this home and portable console combination.

With the many features of the Nintendo Switch, it’s tough to think of were to start with this interesting piece of hardware. I don’t usually do this for video game reviews, but I’m going to break the review up into the biggest factors of the review.


As a console, the Nintendo Switch will not be the most powerful console that you can play. That shouldn’t and in my opinion also doesn’t matter with the Nintendo Switch because the enjoyment of playing the console comes first over how good it looks on the TV. That’s not to say it looks bad, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild looks great when the console is docked, and the upcoming Switch version of Mario Kart 8 looks to be a worthy visual upgrade over the Wii U version.

The actual console itself is not the big at all and is perfect for moving around which will be mentioned much more in the portability section of the review. The console UI and menus are clean and is presented well for easy use, but you will find out soon enough that there’s nothing else to do other than play games on the console. It’s accepted over the last decade that video game consoles are also an entertainment hub too with many apps to use when you’re tired of playing your games. No web browser or video apps are both glaring omissions, and with both the 3DS and Wii U having more video apps and a web browser, it’s not a good look for the Switch at launch. Yes, the web browser and apps are coming in the future but they should’ve been there at launch.


This is were Nintendo Switch shines, the portability of this console is incredible. I was actually lucky enough to be away for the weekend, and was able to take the Nintendo Switch with me to test its portability. The results were nothing but positive. The dock is really compact and is easy to take with you as it won’t take up much room compared to the PS4/Xbox One which are not easy to move around when you’re on the go. It’s one of the biggest positives of this console for those who are away a lot, the Nintendo Switch is perfect for you.

Playing the Nintendo Switch as a handheld never felt like a downgrade, and Zelda: Breath Of The Wild actually runs better when undocked with a much smoother framerate. The resolution takes a hit, but it’s not that noticeable as you’ll be that impressed with how far handheld consoles have come with the Nintendo Switch.


Another impressive feature of the Nintendo Switch is that there’s so many variations of controllers you can use when playing the console. When docked you can use the joy-con’s separately, connected to the joy-con grip to mimic the average gaming controller or use a pro controller. When undocked you can use the joy-con’s attached to the screen, separately, connected to the joy-con grip or use a pro controller. There’s many ways of playing the Nintendo Switch, and each way feels as unique but also responsive. It’s incredible how all these options work so well with the Switch.

The joy-con’s work well as a single controller, but they are also great as two separate controllers. I was hesitant at first that the single joy-con would work as a single controller, but it was easy to use and worked as well as full sized controller.

Final Thoughts 

I think the Nintendo Switch is one of the best consoles Nintendo have ever released, the home console and handheld hybrid idea

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