PlayStation Plus April 2017 Predictions

PlayStation Plus over the past few months has been offering a better mix of AAA and indie games then we have seen in awhile. In February we got LittleBigPlanet 3 and Not A Hero on PS4 while this month we got Tearaway Unfolded and Disc Jam. Not only that but the March 2017 lineup was one of the best months in terms of value in a long time with a total of over $160 in free games this month. That’s pretty good but it’s time to start thinking about what games we might see free on PS4 in next month’s lineup so here are our predictions.

1. Drawn To Death

drawn to death

So a few weeks ago Sony and David Jaffe announced that his new multiplayer shooter Drawn to Death is finally coming out on April 4th. When that date was announced it immediately came to my mind that since it is the first Tuesday of the month that it could be part of the PlayStation Plus lineup in April. For those that don’t know Drawn to Death was originally going to be a free to play title much like the other games Sony has done such as KillStrain and Gun’s Up. However when the release date was announced for Drawn to Death also came the surprise that the game will now carry a price with it. I think though that Sony is going to help the game find a player base faster by giving it to Plus members. I played the beta last year and Drawn to Death is one of the more fun and original third person shooters that I’ve played in a long time. If this game does end up in the lineup don’t pass on it. I mean David Jaffe who created Twisted Metal and God of War made this. That alone should grab your attention.

2. Infamous Second Son


Now for awhile I gave up on predicting some of these early PS4 launch titles ending up on PlayStation Plus but the last two months have shown that Sony is willing to include their first party titles in the service. Now that LBP3 and Tearaway Unfolded have been on PS+ I think Infamous Second Son is another possible pick coming up. The game is over three years old now and has been frequently discounted to under $10 on the PlayStation Store just like those other two titles. It’s still one of the better looking games on the platform and pretty much all of the other Infamous games have ended up on PlayStation Plus eventually. Let’s hope now is finally the time.

3. Fat Princess Adventures


Created by Sony Santa Monica and FunBits, Fat Princess Adventures was a different take on the Fat Princess formula. While the original game was a multiplayer game where you had to try and capture the opposing teams Princess this game is more of a Diablo like game. It’s an action/adventure RPG where you battle through the world, level up your character and collect loot and you can do it with up to four friends. It would make for a great addition to the lineup and help more people get to experience this overlooked gem in my opinion. Make it cake for everyone in April Sony.

4. Bound


Bound is yet another game that was handled by the external team at Sony Santa Monica who worked with Plastic to help create it. It’s an interesting platformer with a great visual style that I feel many passed on last Summer when it released. The game seems like the perfect fit for PlayStation Plus and not only is it a great PS4 game but it also has PlayStation VR support. The game really works well in VR and many PlayStation Plus members have been asking for a free PSVR game so why not give one that both PS4 and PSVR owners can play.

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  2. i came to say. Drawn to Death is a F2P game and a mediocre one too.

  3. Nice, another piece of shit game for people who pay Plus… thanks Sony

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