LEGO Worlds Review – Xbox One

There’s been a demand for a LEGO video game that puts its own spin on the Minecraft video game, and that’s what you’re kind of getting with LEGO Worlds. Although it has to be said that it isn’t going to be a Minecraft killer at all, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to enjoy LEGO’s take on their sandbox LEGO creator game.

LEGO Worlds uses a kind of story mode to train you up before you can actual use the sandbox mode were you can create whatever you want. The story sees your character crash land their spaceship on a random planet, and must obtain three golden bricks to repair it. The golden bricks are earned by doing one mini quest which can be as simple as removing some LEGO thorn bushes so a character can get their treasure chest.

You need to earn 100 golden bricks before you can actually use the mode that lets you create your own LEGO creations. After fixing the spaceship you will be able to visit other LEGO planets to earn these bricks and also get used to the tools that the game uses by giving them to you every so often rather than throwing all the tools at you right away. It’s good idea from the developers to use a mini story mode as also a tutorial rather than the boring tutorials that most games have.

You also have to credit the development team for really capturing that LEGO feel with the bricks that are used in the game. They did a great job of capturing how the real life LEGO pieces look, and then seeing them in video game form is pretty cool. You can see by how many LEGO pieces in the game that the team really took their time and put a lot of effort to make this true to actual LEGO. LEGO Worlds also stays faithful to prior LEGO Games by keeping its fun, comedic and light tone with its characters even though it’s not a story based LEGO game.

There’s a lot of technical issues that really take you out of the fun of the game like the constant and pretty bad framerate drops. Other issues include the games camera that likes to go in the wrong direction, and kind of hard to control properly. I’ve had other issues too were the character was just stuck in objects. So there’s some issues that the team will have to look into and get fixed as soon as possible.

The Final Verdict 

LEGO Worlds is another fun entry to the series, sure it’s not the Minecraft killer but it’s a great attempt at a LEGO style sandbox creator. If you’re a fan of the Minecraft and LEGO games then this has to be on your must buy list but be warned their are technical issues that hold this game back from its full potential.

+ Stays faithful to the LEGO theme

+ Lots of details and effort has been put into the game

– Technical issues along with a bad camera system

Final score: 6/10

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