Mass Effect Andromeda Is Full Of Awkward And Reused Animations, Performance Issues, And Glitches

Mass Effect Andromeda is just under a week from release, and final release footage of the game has been appearing online with many people noticing issues with the game. You will see some of these issues in the below images and GIFs as well as some written impressions from users online.

In the below GIF you will see the extremely awkward walking animation for one of the characters in the game which has been hilariously compared to the classic Vince McMahon, and now Conor McGregor walk.

The next GIF shows what many are calling “dead eyes” from the characters in the game along with awkward dialogue from this scene. Many find the sentence “Sorry, my face is tired” as something that’s almost never said ever.

I don’t have to explain this below, but as you can clearly see it’s a hilarious glitch.

For some reason Mass Effect Andromeda includes the classic “movie punch” but with this being a video game that’s not an actual reason. Instead it’s another mistake the developers have overlooked in the final version of the game.

Also in another embarrassing mistake, the character in this scene is holding the gun backwards.

The image below shows the horrible preset character choices if you want to be a female character in the game.

And in this final GIF you can see the terrible animation when characters speak in the game.

We’ve also seen some text based impressions which have mentioned that the game reuses animations that were in previous Mass Effect games. There are also some major slowdowns during combat sequences, but it’s not known if it happens with the PS4 Pro too. We suggest using a VPN if gameplay is seriously affected.

Hopefully there’s a day one patch that fixes at least some of these issues, but it’s very unlikely that everything will be fixed for launch, and that you will most likely encounter these issues.

Sources include Easy Allies Twitch stream, IGN and NeoGaf’s thread.

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  1. Mass Deffects.

    • I haven’t had any issues yet. I’m only 3hrs in…But it plays and looks good in my opinion.

      • Gets glasses idiot

        • Good people skills…I can’t help you were in foster care.

          • I was true and it helped me beat up you dumb fools.

      • Eh don’t listen to that jackass that said Get Glasses. The game looks fantastic. but the issue is that once you reach about 15-20 hours into the game, you can really see where they cut corners. the mega textures on the low gravity asteroid after kadara are blocked in and have massive rendering issues. If you move too fast it looks like you’re traversing a chessboard. and Personally i played on the PC before having to refund it because the frames would dip into single digits, and my computer build is far better than the ps4 and xbox. If it matters to you i’ll post the specs below.

        Intel Haswell-E 6 core at 4.0 ghz with 32 gigs of DDR4 and 2x 970 ASUS OC editions in SLI. I’m starting to think in order to play this game at 100% no issues you’ll need a 1080 TI. Which is what i’m currently looking at upgrading to. If it makes any difference i’ll update my post.

    • Fantastic YTP right there. Didn’t think the name would ever become so appropriate.

  2. Are you forced to look ugly in this game?

    • If you play as female cause feminists say good looking women in games is sexist!

      • There’s no such thing as a good-looking feminist and if she is good-looking? She likely has absolutely zero intelligence. So, I’ll feel bad for any normal female who wants to play FemMC, or the many guys who liked FemShep cause they wanted to date the hell out of Garrus.

        • It scares me that people like, that woman trying to ruin a guy’s life over a hula-doll dashboard toy, are in many positions of influence across a lot of industries, ruining things for everybody. It even came to light recently that S.Korea was being controlled for years by a radical feminist cabal manipulating their leader, causing their female president to be dragged from office.

          • It’s unfortunate. We just have to try not to reduce it to feeling an urge to be sexist or hateful towards other females simply because of the act of the minority who happen to be mentally ill and brainwashed – thanks to Feminism and the radicalization practices they do that create man-hating degenerates. Extremists/radicals are being given too much power in this modern era, while prior, Deviants, perverts and extremists were normally hushed and pushed

  3. Ouch.

  4. Blame consoles for that, potatoes are ruining game for everyone else.

    If this game is not optimized for PC, i will skip it and wait for the real great game that is Star Citizen.

    Let the peasants enjoy this poor game.

    • This^^ is why PC master race elitists are the Nazis of the gaming community. Please, PC Hitler, go play Star Citizen. If I ever saw you downed in MP, I’d just leave you to die. The team would be better off, as would the world. ?

      • Oh look, another SJW twat who thinks “anyone that disagrees with me is literally Hitler”.

        You are immersed in Godwinism, but I wish you’d immerse yourself in Darwinism.

    • you guys are just sad that the industry doesn’t care about PC lool.. PC is LITERALLY an after thought for opening a new revenue stream

    • Look at how bad it is, what is there to optimize? They released their gameplay and trailers in fuckin’ 4k resolution, dude.

      • The game is amazingly optimized. Getting 80 up to 100 frames using 980ti cards in sli after setting sli profile to battlefield 1. I use a resolution is 3440×1440 as well so on 1080p I’d be getting close to 140 frames if not more

        • Can you message me about how to set up these profiles? Not running two 980ti’s but two 970 hybrids.a I would love to figure out how to set it up using BF1 SLI optimization

        • UPDATE: Just re-launched the game from the beginning … Sure enough high graphics on the first world (Helius-7) and everything seems to be running good.. still not utilizing my second GPU but graphics are a steady 70-90. Game is amazing!! But as soon as I get to Eos or w/e.. the second planet, everything goes to shit. graphics drop to the 30-40. Not sure what is going on, anyone any ideas? I know it’s still early but am I the only one experiencing this? I want to play my last 3 hours of the trial on a smooth 80 frames

          • I think you should disable sli altogether and set the game to high, that’s what i did and the game was butter smooth on 1 980ti, but if that still happens then i suggest you just jump to multiplayer because it’s epic

      • Likely 1440p upscaled or running on a custom rig in quad SLI and custom drivers haha

    • The ‘real great game that is Star Citizen’ is a very unique case. No other dev gets to do that and probably won’t for a long time to come. To get that kind of funding they have one of the most controversial funding models of all time. Not only that, but to build a game of this scope, they have to take incredibly long.

      “If this game is not optimized for PC”
      Ofcourse it’s optmized for PC, I’m sure it will run great. But what do you mean by optmized ? Are you one of those people who runs everything on max and if it doesn’t run at 4k 60fps on a 1080 GTX it’s not optimized ? because by that standard a lot of actually good PC games won’t be optimized, but this game will be optimized

  5. I haven’t encountered any of those issues, but the female presets are by far the most horrid array of faces I’ve ever seen in a game, and it seems impossible to get the same pale white skin as Cora, trapped in a tan skin even at its lowest setting. I think only having ugly females is more sexist then them all being supermodels. And damn are they ugly.

    • do you wonder why there is no pale skin tone?
      I’m not buying, I will be pirating when CPY will crack,it may be 1 week after release or even 3 months but by then modders already would have fixed a lot of problems, so it’s a win for us pirates, we always get the best. Why would you play a game and ruin the first experience rather than wait a good year when modders will redo the whole game.

  6. Damn, Its almost as if bioware got assimilated by ubisoft.

    • You mean EA. Come on. Get your multi-billion dollar mega-corporations right!

      • Cough bioware is the developer EA is the publisher cough

        • EA owns bioware. This isn’t some indie developer getting EA to publish their game, this IS EA Making Mass Effect, but using Bioware name (most of Bioware talent already left). You know the team at Bioware was getting daily reminders from EA exactly what they expect from them. When EA owns your development studio, there is no free thought.

  7. EA bled Dragon Age dry, to its very bones, and here we have the same thing happening to Mass Effect. This is sub-barrelbottom. This is woodchips and splinters from scratching into the bottom of the barrel.

  8. What do you expect from a studio that actively seeks out racists, marxists and social justice warriors to develop their games?

    • What a shitshow XD When i found about about this i knew there was no way it could be good. Basically an advert to try and convert you to social justice faggotry

      • Yeah, notice the ratio of white people occupying the game…maybe 3 on an entire space station. Not a single white person for the preset characters. Scott Ryder looks very teen-like instead of what his original character model looks like, very round around the edges, small baby chest and arms. This dude is a pathfinder? Pffffft. So next we’ll see a transgendered submarine as a protagonist. I’m done with BioWare.

        • Oh nooo. There aren’t enough white people in my video game. WAHHHHHH. Fucking snowflakes.

        • OMG! Not enough white people! The world is ending!

    • exactly

  9. Hopefully the world and gameplay make up for these negatives, Mass effect was one of my favorites IP last gen. Bioware is becoming the new Bethesda, i bought Dragon age inquisiton in 2014 and forced myslef to finish it last year hehehe the item managamnet was awful and most quests were not that interesting and the story was really bland, Dragon Age Origins was way better. If Guerilla games can create an open world game with beutifull graphics and almost non extistant glitches with no background in open world games then Bioware does not have any excuse and doensnt get a free pass, this fugly game engine needs to be trashed and replaced with somehting better.

    • BioWare can’t be Bethesda because Bethesda makes their games useful after 6 months by having mod support.

  10. “but it’s very unlikely that everything won’t be fixed for launch, and that you will encounter these issues.” What?

    • “but it’s very likely that everything will be fixed for launch so you shouldn’t encounter these issues.”

      Fixed? I think?

      • The game isn’t out yet, i have the trial on pc and it didn’t even have an official update or even official nvidia drivers yet.

        • but animations aren’t a glitch, it’s by design… you would need to start from new or even change the engine because it simply doesn’t work

  11. I don’t think the Day 1 can fixed everything of these but i hope it does it will have more Patches thats for sure since Mass Effect Andromeda looks broken

  12. Unfortunately I have read nothing nice about mass effect yet, normally I wouldnt worry to much but, I’ve read so many peoples early thoughts and there all uniformly saying in a round about way that it’s a pile of shit. As a big fan of the original trilogy I’m pretty disappointed, but will still play this and hope my own experience is different….

    • I’m playing the trial on pc as we speak and its a sick game, play it for yourself and ignore what people are saying

      • for the fanboys even the trash is sick, great, cool

        • I’m not a fanboy and i don’t care if mass effect doesn’t exist, it’s just genuinely an amazing game, but you’re just a hating little bitch, now while you’re hating ill be exploring sexdromeda. Peace out little biatch!

          • explore your cuckdromeda, you little cuck

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          • I hit a nerve? look I’m not mad because I don’t want to be a Cuck
            it seems you’re proud to be a cuck, then You have the right to be cuck
            why are you not playing Cuckomedra?

          • Butthurt cucky cuck ???? waaaaaaaaaaaa! Wwwwwaaaaaaaaaa! You’re hilarious, you think you’re a troll? ???.


            That’s a job application from McDonalds, you clearly need one. ❤

          • damn, You had time finding mc website rather than playing your cuckomedra lol and I thought You love that game XD

          • Have you recently started watching any good show or series? I’m just curious

          • no, why

          • Well, he stopped playing it for the moment so he can express his own opinion, unlike other “cucks” like you who can’t formulate their own opinion and just say what the other stupid cuck said. Play the fucking game and then post your opinion. Even if you are probably too stubborn (or stupid) to change your opinion. The gameplay is pretty fucking fun. The multiplayer is really fucking nice and the story seems ok for now.

          • We need more people like you!

          • oh look another cuck that love cuckomedra,that’s why Muslim and Africans are taking control of the western society.
            I don’t want to buy this trash made for people that jerk off to virtual softcore porn.
            If I supported ME and the game ends up being complete trash, do you think EA will care about my rant? oh hell no, because they already got my money

          • You don’t need to buy the game. You can try it for 4 euros/dollars if you want. The game itself is not bad at all. It has some issues (such as the character creator, facial animations, the shitty transition between planets/star systems, some bugs), but it also has good shit (gameplay, nice graphics and decently optimized). I don’t know how good the story is. I kinda rushed it because the trial lasts only 10 hours and I wasn’t paying attention to every single detail. Overall the game didn’t feel like a bad game. I had no actual crashes, but the game froze once in the SP opening cinematic and I restarted it.
            Again, you don’t need to buy it. Just stop talking shit they don’t deserve. Facial animations are shit, but everyone is talking about that and we don’t need another guy talking about the same fucking shit without adding anything now to the discussion. Also, there are some bugs (which is common in new releases!), but (for me at least) the game was pretty stable.

          • If you your trial expired how do you know if the full game will be better?
            see, there’s a IF, what IF I invest my money and the final product is not good?
            which means I wasted my money and EA will learn nothing
            so basically I risk to support trash devs and trash publisher

          • Dude, so far what I’ve seen is good. They can’t just fuck up the game before the release. Personally, I like the game. That doesn’t mean that I like the facial animations or other shit. I really like the multiplayer, however it has some problems, of course, like the absence of a text chat and the sometimes terrible peer to peer hosting. But overall it’s fun, and that’s what matters for me. The graphics are good, the gameplay feels fun and the story feels ok for now.
            Once again, you don’t need to buy the game. Just stop whining over the same fucking overused thing. Find new issues and bring them up.

            Also, this article is shit. Except for the facial animations and the character creator all “issues and glitches” presented in the article are either easy to fix or not really a big deal. Again, bugs are common in new releases.

          • All I can say is time will tell

          • I totally agree. Hopefully Bioware will get their shit together and fix most major issues. I think even the facial animations can be improved without spending 3 years remaking them.

    • I’ve been playing it for 3hrs and have zero issues. I’m enjoying it actually. Not sure how these people are seeing these particular issues.

  13. I can’t stop laughing at this.
    I still wonder if this game is going to have certain agendas that could end up being more important than the story and characters.

  14. Good thing I just started actually playing the Witcher 3 for the first time – na spoiler, it’s amazing (and has some mods). Looks like I’ll be getting the expansions for that instead of ME:A for when I have two weeks to kill with video games. Fuck EA’s awful games.

    • You should get the expansions for TW3. They are simply the best expansions ever made, next to the best made ever made (Obviously joking since it is a subjective matter. But I do actually believe in everything I just said).

      But this isn’t EA’s fault. EA has publicly embraced delaying their games if they have to. And they have delayed games since then (Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst was delayed like 3 times). Not to mention that EA games are arguably the best optimized in the business. They always look amazing while running (amazingly) well. Not to mention that their launches’ track record in the last 3 years has been pretty stable. Their last fuck-up was BF4’s launch (which still ran and looked great, might I add). That game was completely broken on launch and it took them half an year to fix it to where it was more than acceptable (still had some bugs here and there, but every game has)…

      I’m pretty sure this is a BioWare issue and them just losing their touch. Dragon Age: Inquisition is a bad game. It is also their latest game. And from all the footage I’ve seen, it looks like Andromeda shares the same problems with Inquisition (which I bought, played like 1h and then never touched it again in my life)… I think the problem with these studios is that they eventually lose their touch but insist on shoving their product down our throats because they think they are still a good studio. Bethesda did that with Fallout 4, which was arguably the worst product they’ve put out since… well, forever really.

      It runs really badly while looking kinda bad (even with mods), a lot of mechanics are either bad or just barebones and most of the missions have bad design. Including the main missions.

    • The expansions are so fucking good. Season Pass is only $25 but it’s worth far more imo

  15. is leaking…

  16. I think the problem with these studios is that they eventually lose their touch but insist on shoving their product down our throats because they think they are still a good studio. Bethesda did that with Fallout 4, which was arguably the worst product they’ve put out since… well, forever really.

    It runs really badly while looking kinda bad (even with mods), a lot of mechanics are either bad or just barebones and most of the missions have bad design. Including the main missions.

  17. I can confirm that after playing it for two hours on a stream, I didn’t want to play anymore. That’s coming from a huge fan and sci-fi geek. You know you messed up when that happens. Also, unless an amazing patch and driver drops, the game runs like arse as well…

    • The game runs like shit? I set the sli profile to battlefield 1 and im getting 95 frames in ultra settings 3440×1440 settings. Those guys in the forum are idiots (including you) because you’re all complaining about a game that has no patch nor nvidia driver update. But yet here i am enjoying the game with amazing performance.

      • Sure you are dude! 😉

        • You think I’m lying? What if i make a video right this second to shut you the fuck up?

          • Be my guest. Nobody is getting those sorts of results with that sort of setup

          • I will send you the video within an hour, as soon as i get back home which is in about an hour. But mind you, i don’t have recording software and im going to use my phone camera, but I’ll make sure you see EVERYTHING but yeah, get ready to see my frames in the 80s and 90s with occasional split second dips to 70s 🙂

          • Sure sure. There’s nothing wrong with the game. It’s perfect and everyone else is wrong clearly

          • I cant wait to shut you the fuck up for good

          • You seem a nice person. You should run a YouTube channel of benchmarks called “I’m awesome you are all wrong dis is teh best gaem evar”…



            Thats the video fucker, now go shut the fuck up and crawl back up into your moms vagina. Thank you

          • Again, that’s not really shown anything other than how fps is in a basic area. Nothing is happening. Calm your tits dude. I’m already getting better fps by avoiding sli lol. I’ll see if this method helps. Still poor optimisation though, or why would we have to fuck about with tools to do it?

          • I guess he did shut you the fuck up!


          • ???? I know right! He thought i was lying, he would have been better off believing me.

          • And the performance in real gaming is still terrible? So I’m still correct….lmao

            Drops to 30fps in cutscenes, drops below 60fps running about on the Hyperion and spacestation. The overall FPS might be higher than without the bits change, but it doesn’t make up for terrible performance. Perhaps when the real smart people that make the drivers for the game, it will be more enjoyable.

        • I got a similar setup, sli titan x and 100hz 3440×1440 monitor, also getting around 50fps due to no optimised driver and no sli profile. I’ll expect to be hitting 100fps with sli enabled, like I do in battlefield 1

          • I swear i have 2 980ti cards on that resolution and right this second im playing on average 80 frames. Do you know how to set sli profiles? If you do then set mass effect andromeda sli profile to that of battlefield 1 and you’ll see a bump of double the frames, if you need any help let me know i will assist you ASAP.

          • Would love some help on setting up that BF1 profile for Andromeda. I’m loving the game but my two 970’s are not using SLI. One GPU isn’t even being utilized.

      • Dude sorry to say but you are an idiot if you think that 980ti in sli running a game above 60 makes a game optimised , you are running the game well using the brute force of your pc.

        • You’re a fucking moron my friend, im averaging 80fps and getting as high as 110fps when there’s no action on 3440×1440 resolution, are you insane? The game is an optimized beast if im getting such frames using that QHD resolution.

          • Dude getting an average of 80 fps on sli 980ti is really bad.

          • Either you’re trolling or you’re an imbecile that cant read well. Do you see the resolution i told you im using? I didnt say 1080p i said 3440×1440 which is much more demanding than 1080p, so the frames im getting show the game is optimized well, and with official nvidia drivers it’ll work even much better than how it is now

          • Forget I have said anything you are a moron.

          • Your problem is you think the devs area gonna optimize their games like they used to many years ago, in gaming today this is extremely optimized well unfortunately because they just want to push the sales of hardware. Go and see ghost recon wildlands optimization you will laugh, 2 1080ti cards on 4K resolution area barely keeping wildlands above 60 frames. So please don’t come here running your mouth like you know your shit, because you don’t

          • hmmm lol you still a moron.I want to see the video evidence of your claims.

          • What are you,10 years old? You’re a nasty piece of work, whatever age you are (i know you can’t be over 18 though)

  18. I’ve put 2000 hours into the first 3 games. I have no interest in ME4, at all. I think they lost their real talent when Casey Hudson left.

  19. Playing the trial on pc as we speak, perfect optimization, it still doesn’t officially support sli but i set the sli profile to battlefield 1 and my frames bumped from an average of 50s to average of 90s on ULTRA settings at 3440×1440 resolution. I have 2 980ti cards, 64GB ddr4 and a 6700k at 4.6GHz. Hope this info can help

  20. when i start seeing bad things about gameplay and story, sure. Bugs are fixable. Even the facial animations can be fixed. Probably result of fancy new frostbite.

  21. Mass Effect: Inquisition

    Bioware has went downhill since the Dr’s left.

  22. fuck this game in the ass.

  23. Animations aren’t a glitch so they won’t be able to fix them, you need to completely destroy and start from new.

  24. The game is basiclly called Mass Effect: The Evil Patriarchy(be mindful of the man, greek mythology). Why did they choose that starsystem. The old mythology actually meant something because it was refering to a actual problem and not todays SJW/feminism.
    What do you expect. It is developed by a new Bioware where all the significant people from old Bioware have left. Its filled with SJW and they have no skill other than to blame the patriarchy or racism. This is just a bad imitation of the old series. Its not just the technical problems but the mission structure, voice over and in general most of the game. Even though I loved the previous Mass Effect, I will celebrate the fiasco this game will be.

    • What in the fresh FUCK are you even talking about? You need to step away from the crack pipe for a few weeks and recharge.

      • I’m saying from the hour of gameplay I’ve seen, the game looks like shit. It looks like a game created for PS3, but with the advantage of a engine with great lightning.
        The acting looks like shit. I’m not on crack, I’m just not suffering from cognitive bias.

        • Except you didn’t say ANY of that. You complained about Social Justice Warriors. Who have nothing to do with anything in this article. Why did they choose the Andromeda galaxy? Gee I dunno, it’s a different galaxy and the closest one to our own? Fuck dude. You have a serious mental disorder you need to see a shrink for if you really feel that this game is being ruined by SJWs without actually playing the game, when absolutely zero evidence of anything is pointing towards that being an issue.

  25. LOL Some of this looks like it was done on purpose just to mess with people.

  26. I’ve been playing it for 3hrs now. I have ran into zero of these issues? How is that possible?

  27. And this proves what I’ve been saying for a very long time, the team behind MEAndromeda are more focused on pushing their liberal left wing agenda, rather than focusing on the game itself

    I love being in the Right side 😀

    • What liberal left-wing “agenda?” Have you ever considered that the game is made in Canada and we don’t have the same hang ups about race and LGBT that Americans do? There’s no “agenda” for it in Canada because most of us accept those things. Yo are clearly not a Bioware fan. All Bioware games have had characters of diverse backgrounds and LGBT characters. All Bioware games have had unique women that are not all supermodel spell casters. If you don’t like, don’t play. It wasn’t meant for alt-right assholes so stop expecting that you are entitled to be exclusively catered to. Maybe developers don’t give a shit about you anymore because your type is so hateful and negative about everything. I haven’t played yet because I’m waiting for patches and mods, but I highly doubt bad animations have anything to do with a “liberal agenda.” Bioware games have always had silly animations. I can’t think of one that hasn’t.

  28. This is hilariously bad, who helped develop this Ubisoft?

  29. launched the game from the beginning … Sure enough high graphics on the first world (Helius-7) and everything seems to be running good.. 2x 970 hybrids OC’d. still not utilizing my second GPU but frames are a steady 70-90. Game is amazing!! But as soon as I get to Eos or w/e.. the second planet, everything goes to shit. graphics drop to the 30-40. Not sure what is going on, anyone any ideas? I know it’s still early but am I the only one experiencing this? I want to play my last 3 hours of the trial on a smooth 80 frames like when I started

  30. the series has been on a downward spiral since mass effect. bioware games in general have been pretty trash.

  31. Just finished playing the pre-release DEMO…
    Everything in this article summed up my experience perfectly. The background animations during cutscenes were so awful, I thought my contacts had popped out – for anyone who wheres them, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.
    The conversations are incredibly shallow and offer nothing to the experience of the game, combined with opening cinematic that puts the BORED in BOREDom.
    This game is so full of problems, glitches, dead faced characters, and walking animations better suited to a bad western, I honestly couldn’t stomach more than half an hour of gameplay.
    To be told by the devs repeatedly for the last 6 months that you’re “an explorer”, only to immediately shoot and kill the first aliens you see, merely because of a simple misunderstanding, took out every bit of immersive story I went in with.
    When you combine an obviously poorly thought out story, with an opening planet that looks like It was taken straight out of a bad Star Trek spinoff, you’re left with… Not much. Even the combat was incredibly dull – you should not be able to stand in the middle of an open area and mow down the bad guys without any effort on normal difficulty.
    Honestly, I couldn’t find one positive thing to take away from this “demo”, its just regurgitated garbage, wrapped in a terrible story premise for which Bioware does absolutely nothing to help you get invested.
    The entire story is handed to you in one paragraph, and a 20 second cinematic of some shuttles leaving earth… There isn’t a story here. Period.
    Why are they leaving earth? Where are the Reapers? Who’s leading the charge to explore other galaxies? Im not a fanboy, so I have no interest in taking to the internet for 6 hours trying to chase down a hint of a story for a game thats supposed to give me in the first place.

    All in all, after playing this game my main question that came to mind was “why should I care?”
    Apply that question to the opening cinematic, and everything that follows. After you see the never ending animations glitches, character glitches, bad scripting, and dead faced robots trying to pass off as your crew mates, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    I may end up renting this game further down the line in the hopes that some massive improvements are made… But I may not. What this demo has shown me is that if the devs don’t give two fucks about the game they spent 4 years on, why should I?

  32. Truly ridiculous, if people keep buying terrible games that are corner cut to death then we will never get good content again.

  33. The tags are very misleading. It just makes me not wanna support this website ever again. It is literal clickbait. Either that, or we have a time traveler on our hands.

  34. I’m 7 hours into my 10 hour limit and although I have noticed some of these hilarious things, the game is a lot of fun and the combat is surprisingly satisfying. So it’s got some “charm”, I think the internet needs to get over it.

  35. If only Marauder Shields were here to save us from terrible animations…

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