Amazon Mass Cancelling Orders of Persona 5

If you pre ordered Persona 5 from you might want to check on the status of your order. According to reports a lot of customers have received emails today from Amazon notifying them that their order has been cancelled. You can see an example of this here:


Due to delivery restrictions on your order #redacted, we won’t be able to send you Persona 5 – SteelBook Edition – PlayStation 4.

This is because this item contains regulated materials classified as dangerous goods and can not be delivered by Amazon. Although the amount of these substances in these products is usually quite limited, these products need to be transported in a certain way to ensure that they are handled with care.

Unfortunately, this means that we’re not able to ship your order and it has been canceled.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience and hope to see you again soon.

It would seem this is happening for both the Steelbook launch edition and the Take your Heart Collector’s Edition. According to another Amazon representative that was contacted the reason for the cancellations is because of a defect in the stock they received.

The actual reason why the order was canceled is that the entire inventory Amazon had received from the manufacturer had a major defect that was detected by one of our valued customer like you’re and then an investigation began to check if all the items have the same issue and we had to cancel mass orders and return the item back to the manufacturer

This is just yet another mess up recently from Amazon following all of the Nintendo Switch problems they had just a couple weeks ago. Was your order of Persona 5 cancelled? Let us know in the comments.

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    • Yes


  2. already playing this game since october last year. its a good game. sorry for you guys

  3. May want to fact check your articles in the future. Protocol for Amazon in the event of a stock issue is to turn off preorders for that item. As of right now, they’re still taking preorders.

  4. That sucks!

  5. well, that’s better than getting “Persona 5- damaged edition”

  6. Haha “Another Mess up by Amazon like the Switch”. You do know that Nintendo’s VERY OWN STORE didn’t get the Switch to people for launch either right? How can any other retail stores be held liable when it is clear that the stock wasn’t given to them to send out by the maker?

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