Gran Turismo Sport Beta Invitations Are Going Out Now; File Size Revealed

If you have a US PSN account, and signed up to the Gran Turismo Sport beta last week then you could’ve received an invitation to the beta as people are starting to receive their invites. There was some confusion at first with many saying they never received any invite but this is because the invitations are being sent through the PS4’s notification section rather than being emailed to you.

So if you’ve signed up to the beta, and didn’t receive anything it might be because you’ve been checking your emails rather than the PS4’s notification section. There’s a good chance you’ll have an invite waiting there, if not then don’t panic as they are most likely going out in waves. Unfortunately it looks like invites are only being sent to US PSN users today.

Players who are downloading the beta have revealed that the file size for the beta is 14.2GB so it’s a pretty large beta to try out.

Let us know if you’ve been invited yet or not in the comments section below. If you’ve played the beta let us know your thoughts of it too.

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  1. Does anybody know where this PS4 notification section can be found?

    • On your PS4.

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