Mass Effect Andromeda Dev Confirms Early Players Are Playing With Day One Patch; Rules Out Fixes

Mass Effect Andromeda’s lead designer Ian Frazier has confirmed that early access players on PC and Xbox One are playing with the day one patch installed already. This also means that the issues that you are seeing with the game will not be fixed when the game releases next Tuesday. While PS4 doesn’t have early access it’s going to be the same for those players too.

The dev confirmed that at release there won’t be any fixes or changes for the character creator, but also confirmed that the team are looking at options for the future patch. One of the biggest issues with the game which has been widely criticized by early players has been the awful animations. The animations which look even worse than those that were in Mass Effect 1 10 years ago will also not be fixed at launch. The dev confirmed that at day one animations won’t be changed, but hasn’t ruled out them being fixed in the future.  He also assumed that one of the more embarrassing issues which is Peebee’s backwards gun (You can see that and more here!will also not be fixed at day one either.

It’s a shame to hear that many of these issues will not be fixed at launch, but it’s good to hear that the team are aware and it’s a good chance it’ll be worked on in the future.

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  1. Funny. The new Zelda game has it’s share of issues, specially regarding framerate when playing on a TV and no one seemed to care, based on it’s pretty high scores.

    • We cared in our review and it’s one of the main reasons why it was scored 8/10 by us too.

      • That’s good to hear. I didn’t read your Zelda review. I was speaking in general…

  2. It seems impossible to create a good looking character in this game. You are ugly by default.

  3. The only issue im having with the game on PC is SLi compatibility, im using the battlefield 1 sli profile for it and im almost constantly on 80fps ultra settings 3440×1440 resolution, the official sli profile will be enough to make this game flawless on my system as it seems to be optimized very well for me

  4. I honestly don’t care about the facial expressions or a few bugs here and there. I grew up with nintendo graphics as well as ps1 graphics and ps2 graphics. I don’t play for the graphics in every game. A good game with amazing graphics “facial expressions” don’t mean shit if the story and combat system is bad. I play games for the story and combat system. So I’m still getting this game.

    • I’m pretty much with you, with one exception….to me, Mass Effect has always been about the characters and the relationships you build with them. There are/were so many great characters and their stories and the bond you formed with them was what made the trilogy so great for me.

      To date, with all the vids I’ve seen for Andromeda, the one thing that worries me more than anything else I’ve seen is that the characters, including the Ryder’s, don’t interest me at all. I hope that turns out not to be the case, I really do. I hope there are characters I will come to care about the way I cared about Liara, Tali, Garrus, etc. etc., but from what they’ve shown, that part concerns me.

      • I agree, I also built relationships in this trilogy. And from it looks like so far, this game doesn’t look like you can build any relationships. However it’s just the beginning of the game and relationships are built over time. So I’m hoping when I’m towards the middle or end of the story, I will have great relationships with my squad and with other aliens I allied with.

    • How could you get invested in a story [a serious story] if you’re too busy laughing at the characters faces?

      • Hey, a little comedy doesn’t hurt, lol. It’s a game…. you’re suppose to enjoy it. And not take it so seriously.

  5. It’s a shame they pushed the game out like this but I do understand…it is a double edged sword. If delayed people complain, if released before ready people complain, so go with thre option that will make them money while still giving them time to fix the game albeit after release. I played the early access and do agree with how bad animations are but the game was pretty fun so far. Will see how much better/worse it gets when we get the full game.

  6. Looks like sjw feminist types got into bioware’s heads…Damn Shame. The women characters look like some dustbusters.

  7. I’m just glad its getting fixed later but not in Day 1 patch though

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