Why Haven’t Casinos Taken Off on Console?

Online casinos have turned to be extremely popular these days. The number of sites offering the whole variety of slots and card games goes up nearly each day thus, creating additional opportunities to choose from the countless products. Today, when services like MobilBet casino have gone mobile, lots of gamblers wonder why online casinos haven’t become that spread among console users. There’s currently a great deal of MMO’s and first person shooters one can play on his/her PS4 and Xbox One. But in what refers to casino games, there’s simply nothing to choose from.

Console casino games are deprived of real world cash

Among the main reasons why casino games haven’t invaded the console market yet, there’s the fact console software doesn’t provide an opportunity to gamble on real money. There were, of course, attempts to introduce casino simulators to the audience, but those only offered an in-game currency and never gave a chance to try betting for real. Thus, all the stunning graphics a modern technology boasts don’t do much except for maybe emphasizing the glamorous atmosphere of the gaming facilities. However, with regards to sophisticated gamblers, the graphics are quite unlikely to become the key reason for their involvement.

The age factor

Another peculiar fact is the age factor. There’s currently a tendency to refer console players to a younger category of gamers. Naturally, consoles are in majority of cases the gaming platforms used by teenagers and kids, with some minor exceptions. Despite the fact, the gaming content is sometimes rated 18+, a greater percentage of players is still under age. With this as a concept, both console and software developing companies can’t possibly risk getting kids across the globe engaged in gambling. That would be a violation of a whole number of international laws with some rather dire consequences. Therefore, playing at online casinos still remains a prerogative of mobile and desktop devices that are normally regarded as the multitasking appliances of general use.

Issues with security

It’s no secret that laws differ from country to country and there are places where gambling is strictly limited or even totally prohibited. In the case with online casino sites, those usually host on some definite country servers and operate within the laws of each particular region. With consoles, however, one cannot be bound to a single place. It creates additional difficulties for giving a start to the idea: if there’s no centralized gaming provided, one can’t guarantee the security of users’ accounts. And this is probably the most significant factor, making consoles kept out of gambling.

From what we’ve learned so far, consoles are unique gaming platforms, offering some unmatched playing experience yet, their potential is not limitless. In terms of versatility and data accessibility, mobile and desktop devices are still ahead of other devices and remain the only means of betting on the money.



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