Wondering What To Do With Your Old Games?

If you are like most of us, you have a fair few old games knocking about at home. This is something that can all too easily happen when you play a lot. Over time, a collection soon develops, and before you know it you have more than you can possibly do anything with. For the true hardcore gamer, it is possible that there are even games from the nineties lying around. If this sounds like you, then you might be able to benefit from finding something useful to do with them. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions available to you here which might be worth bearing in mind. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best solutions for how to get rid of those old games you have lying around.


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Play Them One Last Time

If you are seriously considering throwing them out – or doing any of the other following things – then chances are you will want to play them one more time. If you do decide to do this, with some older games it might be a little tricky. You will need to make sure that you have the proper console to play any of those games, as otherwise you won’t be able to. Alternatively, if they are relatively new games, you might be able to just play them as though they were new. There is always a certain joy to be had from playing old games again, even if you last played them relatively recently. For the more nostalgic among you, you might even find that playing some of your favourites is quite moving! Make sure to make the most of it, and get the most out of your last play, otherwise you might find yourself regretting it at a later date. And if you come across any good multiplayer games, then this could even be the basis for a final get together with some of your old gaming pals.


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Sell Them

A lot of people fail to think about the possibility of selling their games. Most people seem to think that they would not receive much in the way of money, and that therefore there is not much point. But you might be pleasantly surprised at the kind of money you can often expect to receive for selling games. While it’s true that many of the games you probably own aren’t necessarily very valuable, there is also a good chance that you do own plenty of valuable games too. The trick is knowing which are worth selling and which probably aren’t, and for that all it takes is a little research time. By way of example, you could earn some serious cash if you have any of these rare Sega Genesis games. The same is likely to be true for a great many other games on different platforms as well. Rifle through your games, and look them up online – you might even just want to check what they tend to go for on ebay and other, similar sites. If you do this right, and you have a lot of decent games, you might be surprised at just how much money you can make this way. What’s more, you can then use that money to buy even more new games for your collection! Think of it as a trade in in this way, and you will see why this is a good idea.

Donate Them

Of course, if you do want to get rid of your games, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to sell them on. If you are feeling generous, you could consider donating them. This could mean donating to someone in need, someone who you think will enjoy those games in particular. Alternatively, it might just mean donating the games to a charity shop or thrift store, for them to sell on to the general public. This is a great way of getting rid of unwanted goods, and the chances are good that they will accept them all, even the really old ones. Either way, doing this certainly beats throwing them away, so this is well worth considering if you want to get rid of lots of games in one go.


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Trade Them

If you have an electronics exchange store nearby to you, then you might want to think about using that to get rid of your old games. Different stores have different rules; some will accept really old games, and others won’t, so you will need to check beforehand in order to be absolutely certain. Either way, this is a great way of getting rid of games while also getting some new ones in.

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