Top 10 Of The Most Awesome SNES Games You Loved As A Kid

I’d bet that the lion’s share of your best memories from childhood are related to endless hours dedicated towards beating a single boss in one of these games. Remember the sweet delight of satisfaction when you finally obliterated the fiend into oblivion? I’m sure you do, and that sweet-sweet victory is still fresh in your memory right now as you read these words.


You can get the same experience again even today by emulating SNES ROMs on your computer or even your Smartphone. The only question remains – what should you play? I mean, there are too many awesome games to choose from. That’s why I present this list of top 10 amazing Super Nintendo games to narrow your search criteria to a delightful experience.

Top SNES games

Let’s cut straight to the chase and get on with the list, shall we?

  1. Contra III. This amazing action flick from the past was awesome even when you were tasked to blast down hordes of enemy fighters. The choice to bring the game’s setting into the future was an even better decision. Hordes of enemies were destroyed at one press of your finger. How awesome is that?
  2. Earth Worm Jim. Sweet-looking graphics, engaging lead characters and hilarious antagonists – what else does your hear desire? This game warmed our minds with it’s bizarre sense of humor for countless hours in a row.
  3. Super Castlevania IV. Your fourth encounter with the forces of evil is by far one of the better ones in the entire series. Colorful graphics and memorable bosses make this vampire slaughter game a definite leader in terms of replay-ability.
  4. Mortal Kombat. This is Mortal Kombat – do I even need to say anything else regarding one of the most brutal fighting games in history?
  5. Final Fantasy II: A jRPG that turned the tides of turn-based action flicks and made the series into a legendary ongoing dream of masterpiece by masterpiece for gamers. The game will take countless hours if you are willing to get to the end but, trust me, it’s totally worth it!
  6. Street Fighter II. Fight them like a pro, enjoy the game that gave us combos in fighting and become the ultimate champion of the game that brought the fighting craze upon our souls.
  7. TNMT IV: Turtles in Time. Let’s face it – there’s just something magnetic in playing as four teenage mutant ninja turtles slash pop culture legends. Every game that featured then had to be beaten over and over!
  8. Mega Man X. This is a classic that needs no further explanations, or so I would hope. Jump, shoot and win!
  9. The Legend of Zelda. Don’t you dare that Zelda is the name of the main protagonist on a comic con unless you want to risk taking a beating by crowds of nerds. The guy’s name is Link!
  10. Super Mario Kart. Ride around in a wild race against some of the coolest and most creative characters to ever walk in a game universe. It’s hard to top this experience with anything. Just give it a shot!


Did any any of these spark some of your warmest memories? Play them again!

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