Former Bioware Employee Who Worked On Mass Effect Andromeda Reveals Awful Working Conditions

A former Bioware employee who was a VFX Artist during his five year tenure at the company has revealed the awful working conditions that they had to put up with while working for Bioware. The employee who left an extremely negative review about working at Bioware on Glassdoor revealed the following negatives about working for the developers.

  • Bioware Edmonton and Montreal symbiosis is broken. Lots of conflicts and bro culture.
  • Lost over 13 leads (game design, art, audio, prog, senior core leads, etc) in 5 years at Bioware Montreal on Mass Effect. Edmonton lost only 3. It is clear that Edmonton has the bigger part of the stick when it comes to purge Leads and Producers who are not aligned with their leadership style.
  • Putting people on performance improvement program (PIP Program) is the new tactics to get rid of people. Once again more than 10 people in Montreal got slammed with this bureaucratic uppercut to let go people that are not bending to Edmonton leadership styles in the last revision cycle. This approach is used by the Montreal Leadership to purge the mess from the lack of vision cause by upper management in the last 4 years (throwing people under the bus to protect bad core management).
  • Renaming crunch to Finaling mode. Which means company pays for your lunch but you have only 30 minutes to eat and then getting back on the keyboard. Was lasting for over 2 months and was a real catastrophy.
  • ┬áRetaliation and harassment is sadly a reality. If you talk and ask questions you will be tag as a trouble maker and end up in a bad position.
  • HR won’t help you out. They will deny the current harassment from Montreal management by ignoring and not documenting the facts. In other words if you leave don’t talk. Just let it go.
  • Many benefits got cut due to too much time extension to get the game done.

It gives us an interesting inside look at the issues that some of the developers had who were working on Mass Effect Andromeda. Could the poor working conditions explained by this former employee reveal why the game has so many issues?

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Who gave this info hard to believe this story when you dont know the source, could be the worst employee ever seen and they are mad for getting fired.

    • Wouldn’t be hard to imagine other game studios suffering and employees suffering and being exploited like with the example of L.A. Noire. These situations, in such a competitive and tense industry? Is more common than many realize. When a company grows so large and Management grows pompous, bloated and arrogant, and are run with ‘Suits’ rather than passionate gamers? You’re going to get ignorant, self-destructive management/idiots running the show and destroying everything.

      • Go online and see what game developers and designers get paid first and also look into these companies workspaces before you jump the gun Mister Jason. These companies are not basement suits with leaky pipes, they are a teckys dream and a lot of them are positive and fun to work at. Do some research and maybe you’ll see both sides of the fence, not just one disgruntled employees view on the industry

        • Something tells me your naivete nature extends into other subjects and fields of interest… Preaching at people to ‘do some research’ all the while sounding very….Clueless…? and completely uninformed about the subject at hand. You can’t just ‘disagree’ with someone and add literally nothing to the table since you dispute what I’m saying, yet with nothing but heuristics.

          • very well put

        • Funny how people like you can be so naive and dumb at the same time, totally negating what I would call facts. I come from the same industry, have many friends/coworkers from the same land (ubisoft, square E, Quantic dream etc ) and what’s reported in this article is reality. Not the work of some guy seeking revenge for whatever dumb motive you wish to hear. Perhaps YOU should get your head out of your butt and see our job for what it is: a job like any other and not some dreamy vision of idiots who have no clue about what they’re talking about.
          PS: MEA IS a disaster, and on many fronts. If you can’t see that, it’s a good thing you’re not working in that industry. Keep the job you have in hands, it’s safer for everyone.

          • Then get your head out of your butt and get another job instead of crying like a snowflake. Who was talking to you anyway and screw you for calling me a idiot. Typical women like you, fat , spoiled and ignorant always think they know everything. Go back to your desk you fat pig and never speak when men are. Learn your place in society. In your case sitting at McDonald’s eating your fifth Big Mac.

          • Also, my comment was not remotely rude and you feel you need to call me down. You fat troll, get a life and get a treadmill you waste of life.

        • Exactly how much experience do you have in the industry? Because it’s not very uncommon for information like this to surface. What does it matter what you get paid if you’re being worked to death?

          I would encourage YOU to do some research about the industry and find out that it’s not the magical dream land you picture.

      • rarely is a passionate gamer capable of running a multi-million company. wake up, kid.

        • That’s my point, moron -_-…

          Also, calling me a ‘kid’ when I’m neither acting like one, nor am I even by age doesn’t really make you sound intelligent, it just makes you look like an idiot, the random name-calling is unnecessary unless you have emotional problems.

          • What are you talking about you hypocrite. Your past comments were nothing short of rude to me and you got a problem with someone calling you kid?? Comb your hair, get off the meth, hook up with Rose Rose and get a life you douchebag

          • What does me being rude to you have to do with Luna, unless you’re using duplicate accounts? Why should I care if you feel offended or ‘feel’ like I’ve been rude to you? Feelings like that are unimportant and if you try to advertise your feelings as higher priority to Reality, then you’re simply deluded, if not also a Liberal.

            Alternatively, if it’s to a Single Post below where I called you, simply, NAIVE. If that was enough to get you butthurt? Then you need to get outside more, trim that neckbeard and get more accustomed to reality. I don’t care if my comments are rude to you – because people these days are overly sensitive and need to wake up, also, if you’re acting out of line? It is within the social structure of society that others inform or ridicule you to correct yourself. That is how society works, it’s called informal norms and the reinforcement of it.

            As for my hair? No, I love my wild, fluffy hair – Thanks ­čÖé Never done any meth in my life, just some weed here and there maybe once in a blue moon. No idea what Rose Rose is, typing it in google gives me ‘Korean cosmetics’ – no clue what you’re even trying to insinuate annnd, I do have a life, but your silly, random and completely hysterical methods of name-calling are quite hilarious and 3rd-grade level. You seem to be the type who gets emotionally invested in things way too easily, and have extremely thin-skin to boot. The problem is, unlike you, I don’t have insecurities wherein I won’t react as if I’ve been harmed to others being rude to me, because I have no reason to be offended to random strangers presuming they know me and throwing random insults at me, it can’t affect me – because it’s not close to the truth of reality. Fiction can’t hurt a person who loves Reality and Facts.

            As for the ‘Kid’ part, well, it’d be like calling an 80 year old, ‘Kid’, you just don’t do that. Most cases when I see a person who calls others a ‘kid’, it’s usually a Kid labelling everyone around them a ‘kid’, even if they are completely older than them by 5-10-20 years. Kids call others kids, even if there’s zero truth to it. So I point it out as a moronic stereotype, that and me being old enough to of course, not even remotely be a Kid, I’m close to 30 after all. Calling a 30 year old a ‘kid’, as is calling a 40, or 50, or 60 year old a ‘kid’ – is just moronic.

            Try to get thicker skin in the mean time, and reflect on your insecurities with some meditation.

        • go check the story behind cd projekt origins

    • Or perhaps someone who is TRULY working in this business rather than morons making naive, deluded, out of touch comments?
      My bet on the first choice.

      • Your the moron you fat, disgusting troll. Best part of you is still a stain on your slut mothers bedsheets, too bad for you. I understand your mad. We know it’s hard for you to walk around getting mistaken for Jabba the Hut daily.

  2. An anonymous review from Glassdoor is hardly a good source.

  3. Wow…. almost as rough as a chain gang making highways!!! Wonder if they are getting minimum wage as well?? Computer geeks can’t handle a couple rules at work and it seems to show in the game you say??

    • ” And Mass Effect isn’t that bad at all”

      it’s a subpar game. Bad/good can be subjective. But terrible texturing, horrible animations (faces/bodies), bloated UI, average writting and fetch quests that bring nothing to the world/story (hello DAI)? All of this has bad tattooed all over its disk case.

  4. Yeah I can confirm to some of these and I’ll add that Montreal game studios DO NOT follow the “normes du travail”, which means “laws about work/workplace”? Not sure how to translate it. It’s provincial wide laws that companies need to obey, but they sure as hell don’t and will repress any workers voicing complaints about these.

  5. what is he talking about? this is exactly how ea has always done things. here watch now as ea microsofts bioware.

  6. I think PR department at EA is allover this conversation

  7. Bioware is an Awful company to be doing this to its workers, and also AWFUL, because of Management who stuck “DENUVO” Spyware inside the game, personally I hope it gets cracked, and I think it already has, and I will not be buying this game legally because of Denuvo… Denuvo for those who don’t know is a piece of crap DRM, if for example 10 years later the activation servers go down you can no longer play the game, and worst of all, it leaves files behind on your system, and creates issues with running certain programs while your game is running as well as creates problems for Modified Operating Systems & Linux…

    This is a great way to make legal customers into pirates like myself who owns Mass Effect 1-3, but just can no longer support a company doing this to its legal customers.

    Also Bioware is one of the worst companies I have known of since SWTOR they simply can’t make great games except Mass Effect, and even then Mass Effect 3 was a failure with the Cupcakes protest of endings A, B ,C.

  8. So where is this poster have a reliable source? I am not saying this is not true or possible? You just have to be careful with all these false news stuff. I know ThisGenGaming is a constant source on N4G and they also get “shot down” a lot. There too.

  9. Hah, reminds me of the last few years I’ve spend in UbiSoft – and the same reasons why I left…

  10. a link to a random anon “complain” isn’t giving this much credibility to this post, it sounds more like another click/view bait capitalizing on the hole ME debacle, yes such working environments are a reality and far more common than we wish them to be, in pretty much everywhere

  11. as i was the only one” vfx artist” in Bioware mtl, i never wrote this piece of shit so beware of using random position to cover your ass when you write some bad review my name is directly it with this kind of thing + my english is good enough so ….

  12. My thoughts are I’m not buying this game. Bugs can be patched, treating your employees like that is unacceptable though.

  13. Ever since EA bought out Bioware, they’ve been in steady decline.

    Their touch is nothing short of *ruinous*.

    A pox upon them and their house.

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