Mass Effect Andromeda Leaked 2016 Build Vs. 2017 Final Build Comparison Images Reveals Downgrade

Images of the final build of Mass Effect Andromeda have been compared to the leaked 2016 build which shows that the game originally had much better and realistic animations. The comparison is crazy, and should show that there was a downgrade from what was originally planned.

Check them out below, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

comparison1 comparison2 comparison3 comparison4

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  1. Looks like redesign/direction whatever than a downgrade. Provide more and better screenshots next time before calling it a downgrade.

    • If this doesn’t seems like a direct downgrade than I don’t know what will.
      I don’t mind downgrades that much, but coupled with bad animations, mediocre writing and taking a dump on which could have been a phenomena…I don’t mind to admit I am a little bit salty.

      • It could have been a turian wars/entering the galactic community prequel with an omen to the reapers :'(

        A new trilogy that set up the backburner threat for mass effect 4-5-6

        But nope… Lets duck out like pussies and sidestep the universe.

        Fuck Bioware. Fuck EA.

        Garbage, talentless.

  2. To me, it is a gigantic downgrade.
    Mass effect were my top 3 games ever, and i put hundreds and hundreds of hours on it.

    I had so many hopes for andromeda, but at the same time, with EA on top, i knew bioware wouldn’t be allowed to do whatever they wanted and found necessary to create a fantastic game. I can imagine EA saying ‘ohh, leave it like that, it’s fine, nobody will notice it’, or ‘no, we don’t have time to do that’, or o’h, no need to do that, nobody will see those tiny details, anyway’, or even ‘ok guys, we will have to remove those 3 planets and those 7 quests, the game will be just fine without them, and we will be able to finish it on time’.

    And yes, huge downgrade. On the 2016 pics, the guy looks like a cgi actor, that many people would believe it is a real human. On the 2017, the guy looks like he is made of plastic, with no self shadows, reflections, and all those recent techniques that look almost real. Even the enemies or villagers (npc’s) in Horizon zero dawn look hundreds times better.

    The 2017 version has a much lower polygon count.

    After all these years waiting, it really hurts me, seeing all those 7 and 6/10 scores. If there were only 2 or 3 negative reviews, we could think it is just some haters hating on it. But when 9 out of 10 reviews are super negative… there is no doubt.

    The crazy thing is, bioware, and EA, they have billions and billions $, so money isn’t an issue at all. Need 10 extra designers ? Need 10 extra animators ? Need 10 extra level creators ? Need 10 extra guys to create textures and shaders ? Need 10 extra engineers to optimize their engine ? Need 20 or 30 junior artists, to design 3d objects, weapon parts, etc ?
    No problem. 1 or 2 millions, or even 5, no big deal !

    We now understand why they were so stricts with the reviews embargoes. ..
    That’s what you do, when you have something to hide, or when you know you fuked up severely.

    I don’t know what to do. Still need to finish Horizon zero dawn. And I’m not going to run, to buy a 6/10 game.

    Bioware had at least 20-30 million mass effect fans. Will they sell 5-10 milllion copies, despite the negative reviews and the ‘allegedly’ bad product ?

    How many hundreds thousands ‘victims’ have pre-ordered the game, and are now regretting? How many didn’t wait for the first reviews, and are now disgusted and feeling cheated?

    For sure, without EA around, andromeda would have been a 9 – 9.5/10 game, BECAUSE Bioware know what to do, to make a great mass effect game. But with EA shareholders around, what else to expect ?

    • I have the same feelings. But don’t you want to see what all the hubbub is about for yourself? Especially if you’re a fan of Mass Effect. You might find you enjoy it. The reception is polarized. How do you know you won’t end up on the same side as those who really like the game?

  3. Graphics wise, this game seems to just be all over the place.
    We all heard about the animations while some are good.
    We heard about the low quality models when others are good.
    I just don’t know what to make of it.

  4. night/day

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