Hilarious Mass Effect Andromeda Glitches & Terrible Animation GIFs Revealed

Mass Effect Andromeda is out for everyone to play now, and that means more hilarious GIFs are being created from glitches and terrible animations found in the game. Check out some of these hilarious GIFs below.

Now this below is the funniest glitch that’s been found yet.

I don’t even want to know what she is drinking.

Could it be that this GIF below is like Horizon Zero Dawn level of realism with Ryder sweating from wearing the helmet. Nope, instead it’s the rain effect that glitches through when wearing a helmet.

For those who hate awkward handshakes look away now.

She took that door slam well to be fair.

Someone must be late in this below GIF.

This is awkward.

Mass Effect Andromeda needs fixing, and needs fixing quick as this is just a few examples of the many issues within the game.

Let us know your reactions to these funny GIFs in the comments section below.


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  1. Yuck!

  2. LOL those are hilarious

  3. Those glitches are funny but it really needs fixing

  4. These could be from the game without the day 1 patch. Still pretty funny.

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