Murka’s ‘Scatter Slots’ App Review

If you want to experience the thrill of slot games, but without any risks of losing money, why not try something like Scatter Slots? Not only will you be able to spin the reels of several slots without having to pay money, you also get a nice story to enjoy. Here’s how you play one of the most popular adventure slot games right now.

Spin Your Way Through Missions


In casino slots, you insert coins and hope for the slot machine to line up symbols in the correct order to win money. But as a matter of fact, only around 80–95% of the money invested in a slot game goes back to the players as winnings, on average. We all know it can become quite expensive to play slots. So if you want the adrenaline rush from the spinning reels, without risking your financial status, Scatter Slots is a good option to just enjoy the fun of slots, while also being thrown into a story with interesting characters and missions. Another good thing is that you don’t have to play Scatter Slots Murka online – it also work when there is no internet connection available.

A Casino Adventure Experience



Just like a normal slot you would find in a casino, you can choose to play over several winning lines at the same time to risk more but to win more often. When you line up symbols in a line from left to right, you win prizes or even trigger bonus games. Be on the lookout for symbols like WILD and FREE SPINS that will boost your score and complete your missions faster. Some missions are simple – like the ones you just have to spin 10 or 30 times to complete. Others require more luck and can take hundreds of spins to get through. If you would get a bit unlucky and run out of coins and red gems, you can choose to buy more stock from the app store in order to get more play time.

Get Tips From The Social Community


When you play Scatter Slots Murka online you can also take advantage of the social aspect, where you get tips and help not only from the game developer but also from the other players. The game has a Facebook and a Twitter page, where you can find the latest on the game, how to get more bonuses and when there is a sale going on.

Download For Free


If all this sounds like your thing and you want to get started, head over to the App Store on your iOS device or to the Google Play for Android. The game is also available in the Windows and Amazon stores. With over a million players, there will be a lot more content and action delivered on a regular basis. Start spinning and enjoy a new type of casino adventure!

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