Phil Spencer Wants To See Xbox One Exclusive Releases Spread Out More; Teases Xbox Showcase Events

Phil Spencer has returned to Twitter finally! After a long break of replying to his followers, he gave us an incredible amount of news from a series of tweets.

In the tweet spree, Phil replied to a fan who wanted to see Xbox One exclusives spread out rather than just in the fall. Phil replied honestly and agreed with the fan, and he said while it’s not easy to do, he also wants their exclusives spread out to avoid the massive gaps in exclusive release of Xbox games. While it’s good to have a strong fall, Sony have proved this year, having a strong start to the year can be as valuable to the brand.

Phil has also made it very clear that his main objective this year is to have their first party titles ready for the release of Scorpio which means State Of Decay 2, Sea Of Thieves and Crackdown 3. It sounds like Phil wants a strong lineup ready for the release rather than just throwing the console out there for purchase.

A fan also asked about bringing back the smaller events before/after E3 and Gamescom to showcase their titles as Phil thinks at E3 they are rushing out their titles rather than giving time for the devs to tell their story. Phil pretty much confirmed that smaller shows between big events will be returning this year, but this could simply be a Scorpio showcase event like Sony did for the PS4 Pro.

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