Rocket League 1.31 Patch Notes Revealed

Today is the day that Rocket League gets updated to version 1.31 adding the new Dropshot mode and more detailed a couple weeks ago. The patch will go live a 6pm EST today and will be 1.4GB on PS4, 2GB on PC, and 3GB on Xbox One. You can read the full patch notes below.

“Core 707” is now available when playing Dropshot

“Mannfield (Night)” is now available in all playlists

“Neo Tokyo” has been removed from Casual and Competitive playlists

The map will remain playable in offline and private matches

In a future update, Neo Tokyo will return to online play with a standard layout


Turbo Crate has been added

Painted versions of the “Endo” Battle-Car are available from this crate.

Painted versions of the “Tachyon” Rocket Trail are available from this crate.


Seasonal Easter Items can be acquired March 22 through April 17

Easter Egg Antenna

Bunny Ears Hat

Easter Basket Hat

Registered Voter

Head to ‘Arena Preferences’ and use all of your votes


Equip the Halo Topper and win a match on Starbase ARC

Brave the Elements

Complete a match on wasted land, under the sea, and in outer space

Damage Control

Win a Dropshot match via shutout

Full Course

Score a total of 18 Goals in Dropshot


x10 Damage a total of 320 panels in Dropshot



The new Dropshot game mode is now available in the unranked playlists

The goal of the mode is to break the floor with the ball on the opponent’s side, and knock the ball through the hole

AquaDome has undergone further performance optimization and its overall color saturation has been reduced

“Spell (Sando Remix)” by Hollywood Principle has been added to the soundtrack

In-game code redemption has been added

In the future, Players can go to the “Extras” menu, select “Redeem Code,” and enter codes to unlock in-game items

Arena Preferences

Preference weighting has been updated to be simpler. A map’s odds are now changed based on the net percentage of the lobby who like or dislike a map

If all players in a lobby Dislike a map, it will now never appear

If half of the players in a lobby Like a map, it will appear 50% more often

If one player Likes a map and another player Dislikes it, it will appear as often as normal

Time Played is now tracked as a statistic

Time played before this update will not be included in tracking

Trading Updates

The Trade interface has been updated. All trade offerings will appear on screen without players needing to scroll the list.

The trade timer now runs for five seconds, up from three seconds.

Key Selection

A new “Key Selection” setting has been added to the Options Menu (Use Oldest, Use Newest, or Ask Me)

If the user chooses “Ask Me” a new UI modal will appear when opening a crate that allows players to pick which key to use.

Free Play Training

You can now select which map to train on after choosing “Free Play” from the Training Menu.

You can now exit directly to “Free Play” from the end of match menu.

Custom Training

Custom Training sequences can now be discovered and played cross-platform.

The Custom Training feature can now be accessed while offline

A new “Featured” tab has been added that spotlights selected Training Sequences chosen by the Psyonix team

Forfeiting a 1v1 match now requires confirmation.

Loading Screens now reflect the arena being loaded into as well as the game mode

Game Tips are now included on the new Loading Screen

Painted Items now show a colored border in the UI

PS4 and Xbox One players can now bind “Air Roll Left” and “Air Roll Right” from the Controls menu

PS4 and Xbox One players can now disable Light Shafts in the Video options menu

The default binding for Create Party and Invite Players has been changed to “X” on Xbox controllers, and “Square” on PS4.

Season 3 has ended. Titles and items will be awarded for your highest rank achieved during the season

Season 3 Prospect Wheel

Season 3 Challenger Wheel

Season 3 Star Wheel

Season 3 Champion Wheel

Season 3 Grand Champion Title

Season 4 brings a new set of Skill Rankings to provide more clear divisions between skill levels

You are now classified into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Champion, and Grand Champion ranks

The new Grand Champion rank will be harder to attain than in Season 3

There are now only four divisions per skill tier (e.g. Gold II, Division IV) due to each tier covering a smaller range of skills

Skill Reset

After placement matches, you will be assigned a skill rating influenced by your Season 3 ranking

This ranking will be lower than where you finished Season 3 and you will have to climb back to the highest rank you can reach

We are not doing a full reset like Season 3 due to the lengthy period of matchmaking disturbance it created. This “soft reset” means players start separated by skill to keep things balanced but can still climb back to top ranks

Matchmaking Abuse

In the interest of enforcing fair competition, a small number of accounts have been identified as abusing the matchmaking system, and will receive a hard skill reset. These accounts will not receive Competitive Season 3 item rewards

Placement Match Updates

The placement match system has been revised to allow players to climb faster if they win the majority of their placement games

When rejoining a Ranked Match, the default option is now “OK” instead of “Cancel”

An “Esports” button has been added to the top of the main menu

The Esports button will take you directly to live, official Rocket League tournaments on Twitch, including live RLCS streams

This button will only be visible during associated live events

Spectators can now see a player’s Boost Meter and Rumble Power-up when in Player View


The Boost Meter now rounds down when you have a fractional amount of boost.

Party Members can now rejoin Private Matches after exiting to the Main Menu.

Fixed a rare issue where items would disappear after a completed trade

The achievement “Rocket Genocider” has been fixed

Xbox One: Removing a split screen user from a party no longer ends the party

An issue with the Dominus GT tail lights not working properly has been fixed

Turning on/off Color Blind Mode no longer causes the field to change colors in Free Play

Players can no longer pass through the Arena wall on Double Goal (Rocket Labs)

Trading with one player in your party no longer prevents you from trading with other party members afterwards

Painted Items are now displayed correctly in the Trade-In menu

Lobos Wheels now have glowing eyes on both sides of your Battle-Car

The gun turrets behind the arena in Starbase ARC no longer shoot indefinitely

Fixed an issue causing Motion Blur to be incorrectly disabled on PS4 and Xbox One

Optimized the performance of the majority of the Rocket Trails in the game

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